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When I saw my first images all I could think was "wow, look at those gorgeous colors". Super-saturated, hues that almost didn't seem real and a style that seemed as if the models had stepped directly out of another era.

Girls and cars seem to be a passion, with much of Perry's work focusing on hotrod car culture. His first book, Hot Rod, was released in 1997, followed by the travelogue Bordertown in 1998.

Just this year he opened David Perry Studio in Vallejo, CA and from there launched a website that is the embodiment of his vision of tattooed, hotrod girls, sultry pinup models, and more.

Prints of his work, as well as ordering info for the books can be found at his David Perry Studio website, along with info on current shows.

Have a peek at the images he so kindly shared with us, and stop by the Trucker's Lounge for a full archive of his nostalgic, gorgeous photography.

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See David Perry @ www.DavidPerryStudio.com

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