DOMAI was founded by Eolake Stobblehouse almost as a lark, after many conversations with friends about his penchant for looking at beautiful women. He jokingly called himself a "dirty old man" and created the Dirty Old Men's Association International, DOMAI. The basic philosophy of Stobblehouse and the website he created is that it's not a shameful thing to look openly and admire beauty.

The website showcases what he refers to as "simple nudes". Not to be confused with fine art nudes, or pornography meant to titillate, rather these are beautifully shot photographs of innocent, happy, gorgeous women. I highly suggest reading through the articles on the site, as I think you'll appreciate the ideas he puts forth. To quote Stobblehouse,

"DOMAI is quite serious about making the people realize that there is nothing wrong with looking. I really do hope to help change the world's views on this. For if we can't look at each other, and if we can't enjoy beauty, we are bad off!"

As for the photos that I chose to show here, well - the first hints of spring are in the air, and I find myself longing for the sea. The sound of waves and water, the blues and greens and grays of the water, and these mermaidesque photos made me think of that. Hope you enjoy them, and be sure to visit DOMAI.

» Jane


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