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JP Lefauche learned to draw 3D three-quarter perspective drawings at the age of four, and continued from there into cartooning, fine art painting and illustration in his adult life. Among the inspirations of his youth was the pinup art of the master of the genre, Gil Elvgren, which seems to be part of the under-painting of his photos of today. JP is combines classical backgrounds and poses... from the Renaissance to Impressionists to 1950's, cheesecake to modernist punk... into an oftentimes erotic blend of light, shadow, color... but most of all there's truth to go with the beauty. He doesn't do much in the way of staging the poses, but prefers a candid approach to capture the moment and the genuine persona and individuality of the model.

"Real women are just fine with me, he says, "needing no improvement, so I prefer models who are all-natural. I regard them as equal partners in the process, so I encourage them bring their creativity and spontaneity to the session and most of all just enjoy being themselves."
Most of everything you see is straight from the camera in natural light: no flashes, digital enhancement or cropping. His work has been published at DOMAI, METart and Michelle 7. His photographer website is

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