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From 1999 through 2003, I ran a personal website at janeduvall.com (which now redirects here to JanesGuide). I had photo updates a couple of times each month, as well as other content. I found it interesting to be in front of the camera as well, and it definitely gave me an appreciation for the work that goes into making a good website, as well as the emotions in putting myself out there for the world to see.

I had a woman write to me back when I started doing it, asking if I felt that I "had to" get naked in order to earn respect in my industry. I laughed in surprise when I got it, only because it was so far from the reality I was experiencing. Quite to the contrary, it seemed that many people took a negative view towards "the talent", and the reason I did it back then was a strong feeling that if I was to be ok with making a living promoting other people taking their clothes off, I should at least know what it felt like myself.

"While I did this, I was fortunate to work with some talented and wonderful photographers and artists, including James Mogul, Hypnox, Rayce Conway, Amy Hunter, Heather Corinna, Lee Higgs, Carolyn Weltman, Tommy Edwards, Malixe, and Kevin Hundsnurscher. I had a good experience playing at modeling, but I saw the work each of them put into their craft."

I haven't had a chance to shoot anything in a good long while, and I don't know that I'll ever make the time to do it again... but I wanted to share some of my favorites from a time I remember fondly.

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