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Michelle7.com is one of the rare internet success stories, both for it's creator/editor Jack Gilbert and for all of the photographers whose work finds an appreciative and expansive audience. Online since 1998, they strive to show what they deem 'visionary nudes'. The contributors page reads like a who's who in photography today. One of the things I love about Michelle7 though is that they don't focus just on photographers you've heard of - they are consistently discovering and promoting new talent from around the world and around the web.

Unfortunately there isn't as much free content as there once was - the site started out as a free webzine, but now the entire site is behind a membership screen. Actually, this is understandable though with the huge popularity of the site adding to the expense. If you look at the preview, you'll get a good overview of the kind of content, but no free images. Still, if you're a fan of artistic nudes, outdoor nudes, figure studies, fetish photography - you'll find it all here inside, and in great resolution. The beauty of having a photography aficionado at the helm of the site is that quality is everything.

You'll also find book reviews on all of the latest fine art nude releases, generally including sample images. With even a single art/coffee table book being more expensive than a one-month subscription, it's a nice way to get an idea before you buy. All in all, this is probably the best, most exhaustive collection of fine art nudes online today.

The sample images I show here are from the following contributors: David Amphlett, Salvatore Brancifort, Robert Bruce Duncan, Manolo Espinoza, Stefan Soll, Beat Von Weissenfluh and Rene Whitfield.
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