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Ok, so I have mixed feelings on this site in more than one area. First, as you all probably know from reading this site, misogynistic bullshit language is not exactly our favorite quality in a site, much less racist misogynistic bullshit. The site owner Shimmy has a "sense of humor" that is all about that. However, in reading more of his writing on his tips and about pages, it seems that his sense of humor applies to himself as well, so what I'm left with is it's all for show, or he respects nobody including himself, or he has just a really fucked up sense of humor. So getting over that, on to the premise: Shimmy moved to the Dominican Republic and he spends a good deal of his time paying local working girls to make porn with him. The amateur vibe seems completely realistic, and many of the models are downright adorable. I get the feeling he must be fairly charming, as everyone also seems to be having a good time, for real. So that's nice. Now on to another mixed feeling part: with the way the site is designed, it's really difficult to tell how much content is here. There aren't the typical archives of videos and photos, rather a blog-style update page with everything lumped together into individual entries. And there is no search function that I saw, so if you want to see more of a certain model, well... poke around, and maybe you'll find more, maybe not. It kinda felt to me like the site was in the midst of a major restructuring, but who knows. The videos are not downloadable, they are in-browser streaming only. The photo galleries are thumbnailed, usually 3-4 dozen pics a set, opening to nice quality images. Updates also seem to be somewhat sporadic: for example, I found nothing that appeared to be added in all of March, but February had several updates. With the only membership option being recurring billing, I guess if the content really appeals (which it might) then go for it, but remember to cancel if the updates aren't there.

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Consent Culture
There is a lot of good, thought-provoking content to read at this website, brainchild of Kitty Stryker, who I will describe best I can as a pornographer/sexworker/activist/writer. As you can probably tell by the title, this blog deals with issues of consent in all areas of life, definitely not just sexwork and bdsm (don't let the subtitle "safewords are sexy" make you think this is only relevant to bdsm culture, it's not.) There are thought provoking articles by Ms. Stryker as well as guest posters, and lots of links off to articles elsewhere pertaining to that topic.

janepick Original & Quality
LUST CINEMA is the home of director Erica Lust, a Barcelona filmmaker who focuses on porn from a female point of view. While the site started as an outlet for just her own films, it's now expanded greatly to include 19 other directors, both male and female, working in erotic cinema. You'll find such luminaries as Maria Beatty, Tristan Taormino, and N. Maxwell Lander amongst others. Additionally, while the site started selling clips and short films, it's now changed to be a membership site, with shorts and full-length features both. Each film has a description, trailer and several thumbnails of stills to peruse freely. Another very cool feature of the site is the "Lust Film Festival" page, which is a collection of free short erotic films from around the web, streaming in vimeo. Upon joining you can stream or download in mp4 any of the around 70 shorts and films. Two new films are added each month. I love what they've done, combining great names in feminist porn and high-production quality erotic titles. - Jane

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Mr. Will's House Of Thrills
Mr. Will has a blog site that is a combination of all sorts of things: personal experiences, Corel paint erotic paintings, reviews of sextoys and lubes, and other articles. I poked around for awhile and read about sexual headaches (I've only had one once, and OUCH! ice-cream headaches pale in comparison), how to choose safer silicone toys, an opinion piece on bullying, and a few interviews with people in the sextoy, porn and blogging arena. Nothing was super in-depth, but it was all good info, in digestible bits, and in sexpositive happy tone. Yay for one more positive voice in sexuality.