How you can help protect sexual rights!

NCSF Join JanesGuide in Supporting NCSF! NCSF is the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. If you're unfamiliar with this group, a bit about them: they are a non-profit organization that works to protect sexual minorities and those who practice alternative sexualities from being unfairly targeted for legal prosecution for consensual activities. They are also working to protect free speech, with the current wave of obscenity prosecutions in the US.

You might think in the current day and age that such things aren't a concern, but you couldn't be more wrong. People can be and are unfairly targeted every day in our country for such things as swinging, consensual BDSM activities and polyamory. It can be the loss of a job, the loss of parental rights, or just having to work around the maze of old laws that can be used for selective prosecution. NCSF provides legal assistance, as well as working with the media to promote tolerance and educate the public about the truths of alternative communities.

How You Can Help:

In the month of December, you can join NCSF (or renew membership) for only $10, by joining through JanesGuide. This is a $15 discount from the regular individual membership price of $25! And for the first 50 people who join through JanesGuide, we will match your membership fee of $10. Help us reach our goal of giving the NCSF another $500 in the month of December!

The Details:

Visit the NCSF website , read more about their mission and how they help. Click on the "join" link in the menu. On the form, either the open fill-in fields under "membership number" (for those renewing) OR in the "other" box under volunteer opportunities (for new members) list "Jane's Guide." That's all you need to do for the discounted membership! This is ONLY valid for the month of December, at the end of which NCSF will give us a total number joined for us to send in a matching donation.

This is a very worthy cause, and we hope you'll consider lending your support. - Jane