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Jane's Regional Guide : California : Swingers

quality Swingers - Contact Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California BayCouples.com - San Francisco Bay Area
Mini Review - This site has personal ads for those involved in the Swinging lifestyle in the Bay Area. Contact on the ads is via email. Ads are posted from most recent to oldest but not sorted into any categories. They also list 7 or so swing clubs in the area with brief descriptions. Last they link to about a dozen other swinging resources anyone interested in the lifestyle should be familiar with.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  02/09/2002  Advertising Content:  medium

quality Swingers - Clubs in San Bernardino, California Freedom Acres - San Bernardino
Mini Review - This site covers a large swinger facility. They have tons of information for new members and those new to swinging. They also have lots to do online for their existing members. From personal ads to resources. They have maps and local hotel accomodations listed. The process to join is described in detail. They have a 5 page pictorial tour of the club. There are articles about sex sexuality and swinging.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  05/14/2001  Advertising Content:  Low

quality Club WideWorld for Play Couples - Buena Park / Los Angeles
Mini Review - This on premises club has several pages describing their various events and showing you pictures of the play at the actual events. They have a pictorial tour of the premises also. Their event calendar was a bit out of date at the time of review, but they had good contact information via telephone and email. You can also find an updated calendar through another link to the lifestyles calendar. They also describe the process of becoming a member in detail. There is no information online about costs.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  05/13/2001  Advertising Content:  Low

quality Macdaddy - San Diego
Mini Review - This site is a directory to local swing clubs, strip clubs and peep shows in San Diego area. They list all of the clubs, with reviews of some of the peep shows and directions and details about the costs, drinks etc at all of the strip clubs. Many local dancers have loaned them small photo galleries. They have a chat room with scheduled chats with dancers. his calendar lists all of the swing club parties and special events at strip clubs.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  04/23/2001  Advertising Content:  Medium