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February 3rd - 8th - Live Appearance - Jennifer Steele, Negril, Jamaica

August 7th - 14th - Cocktails '04, Negril, Jamaica

October 16th - 23rd - Fantasy - Hedonism, Jamaica
Weeklong Swinger Convention

July 3rd - 10th - Entice Summer Camp, Jamaica
Swinger convention at Hedonism III

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quality Club Orient - St.Martin, FWI
Mini Review - This page is a simple brochure for a clothing optional resort on the island of St. Martin. There are 5 classes of rooms or chalets on the beach. They have pictures of the various amenities and rates for every combination of people and rooms. There is an 800 number for reservations as well as an online form.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  4/10/99  Advertising Content:  None
Categories Resorts/Vacations

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