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Costa Rica's Adult Travel Agency - Costa Rica
Mini Review - This agency arranges escorted vacation packages in Costa Rica. The free area of the website has a gallery of 12 head shot thumbnails that do not link to larger images. They have a couple of dozen tour packages each with its own description and pictures of the facility. Prices for each tour accompany the description. Inside the members area there are 32 women listed. Each has 1 large and 4 thumbnail pictures and a 2 line description consisting of her name and measurements. It would have been nice to see a bit more text information and considering the cost larger images. Most of these packages are 4-5 days long and names and measurements do not go far in determining compatibility.
Cost: $49.00/ month  Date Reviewed:  08/03/2001  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Service

Costa Rica Elite Escorts - San Jose, Costa Rica
Mini Review - There are thumbnail pictures of 12 escorts in the free area. No names and no way to make contact or a booking. There are also a few pages describing the advantages of their service. Only members can make a booking. Inside the members area there are 15 escorts listed. Each one has about 3-7 pictures and an email address at the agency. No description of personality etc. and for you travellers no word on languages understood or spoken. Rates are also only available to members. So basically it costs $49.95 to find out the price.
Cost: $49.95/6 months  Date Reviewed:  6/5/00  Advertising Content:  Low misleading
Categories Female Escort - Service

Costa Rica's Adult Entertainment Guide - Costa Rica
Mini Review - There are 8 escort agencies in Costa Rica with text links here and 2 nightclubs. The rest of the website is advertising. In fact these text links are probably paid for. There is a page or two of nonspecific travel information. This site really exists to send you into other businesses owned by this webmaster.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  6/2/00  Advertising Content:  High - misleading
Categories Sex Directories/Resources

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quality Bendricks Int'l Men's Vacation Club
Mini Review - This site sells several vacation packages with female companionship included. They have large parties or single person vacation packages. The site describes the accommodations and shows sample pictures of the companions. They give a base price for a trip, but you must first join the club for $55.00 to get a full price list and before you can book a trip. Most of these trips are to places like Costa Rica.
Cost: $55.00  Date Reviewed:  1/8/99  Advertising Content:  Low

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