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Exotic Dancers Directory -
Mini Review - You know its supposed to be a directory but all the links I hit went to tehsame company. I always assumed a directory should have more listings than on company.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/03/2004  Advertising Content:  it's all it is
Categories Female Dancer - Service

quality Female Escort - Independent in , General Travel Vanya - International Escort -
Mini Review - Vanya bills herself as a "Very Exclusive Escort" and traveling companion. She has quite a lot of info about her extensive education, political beliefs and likes/dislikes. She also has 5 small photos, 2 small .mov files of her dancing, and an audio clip of her singing. She is quite possibly the most expensive escort I've come across in a review. To even correspond with her about a booking you must purchase a site subscription for $3,090. No, that's not a misplaced comma. For that money (accepted via PayPal) you get 6 months within which you can receive "detailed photos" and exchange email. If you book a date (minimum 2 days at $10,500 per day, so $21,000) you get that initial money taken off the booking fee. Kindly, she offers the "shy" or uncertain an "ice breaker lunch" anywhere on the West Coast for a mere $5,000. I suppose at these rates she is able to contribute heartily to her many pro-environmental causes. :)
Cost:   Date Reviewed:  06/14/2004  Advertising Content:  None
Categories Female Escort - Independent

Swing2usa - United States
Mini Review - This is a free swinger contact site. You can browse listings without registering, but to send email or post a free profile, you need to register. When you are browsing profiles, the vast array of search options can be a bit overwhelming. You can search by State, then further by county within the state, gender, orientation, activity... there are so many options most of the time I didn't find anything that met the criteria I chose. I had the best luck leaving most things unchecked. A search will return small profile listings with a thumbnail photo and overview. click and you'll get the whole thing. You can also view profiles currently online, or do an overview. It's actually a fairly small site still, with a little under 300 people/couples registered across the country. Well programmed, this could really be great with just a larger userbase.
Cost: Free   Date Reviewed:  03/05/2004  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Swingers - Contact Services

Escort Fever - United States
Mini Review - As of this writing, this escort guide covers 26 of the U.S. States, along with some listings in England, Scotland and some of the Canadian provinces. Most of these have only a handful of listings, other than the obviously big states (New York, California and Nevada) which have dozens of listings each. Each includes several photos, basic stat, contact and rate info, and links to their individual websites. This will be really good when it's fleshed out a bit more.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  02/06/2004  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Sex Directories/Resources

quality Sex Directories/Resources in , General Travel Open Adult Directory -
Mini Review - Very large directory of Escorts and femdoms sorted by region. Comprehensive to a fault.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/25/2003  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Sex Directories/Resources

quality  in , General Travel VIP Adult Travel -
Mini Review - This site is intended for anyone travelling for paid sex around the world. It has message boards set up for categories for most countries. The activity centers around Asia and Central America. Most other categories are fairly dead. The organization is well thought out and you can get some good information before you travel. You must join but there is no cost.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  01/01/1904  Advertising Content:  Low

quality Sex Directories/Resources in , General Travel Adult Industry Events Calendar -
Mini Review - This is great site for those seeking face to face contact with their favorite porn star or feature dancer. They have a calendar of appearances organized by club, city or star. You can see feature dancers and porn actresses and their schedules. Great information with pictures of each performer.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  04/11/2003  Advertising Content:  
Categories Sex Directories/Resources

quality Sex Directories/Resources in , General Travel ClubHombre.com -
Mini Review - The free area of this site has 6 sample thumbnails and some text describing some of the regions they cover. You can join by submitting an actual field report or with your credit card. Inside the members area there field reports from all over the Globe. plenty of detail on price, location and action. There are thousands of user posted pictures showing off their conquests. Photos and trip reports are sorted by region, date and author. there are also downloadable videos sorted the same way. Format varies by author. There are a few annoying security features in the members area, and you must allow cookies to navigate.
Cost: $5.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  12/07/2002  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Sex Directories/Resources

quality Female Escort - Service in , General Travel Mutual Consent -
Mini Review - 
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  10/05/2002  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Service

DesireGuide - Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, San Diego
Mini Review - This directory has listings for escorts in several major US cities. Most cities they cover have from 10-35 escorts listed with a thumbnail that links to a page with 1-2 pictures and a short description. There are also message boards for each city with threaded discussions mostly of escorts posting their availability. They also have space for reviews. The down sides here are the speed. pages with an adequate number of listings took forever to load on 56k, and they also require cookies for those surfing from work. There were no reviews posted yet. With time this may grow to a service worth using but right now there is better in every market.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/01/2002  Advertising Content:  medium
Categories Female Escort - Service

quality Female Escort - Service in London PAris, Milan, major US cities, General Travel Beautiful Companion - London PAris, Milan, major US cities
Mini Review - This directory lists over 1-200 women. Each one has a thumbnail that links to a page with 4-5 pictures, a bio and contact information. Unfortunately many are listed in numerous cities and no distinction is made between those who reside in a city and those who may come there some day. You could spend a lot of time contacting people who will not be available in your area for 6 months or ever. If you are planning far in advance and/or intend to have some one travel to you this is a useful directory, but if you are looking for a companion this Saturday you may be frustrated.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  04/22/2002  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Service

quality Female Escort - Service in , General Travel Satinplace -
Mini Review - This site lists escorts and other similar providers for 18 cities across the US. Each city has a listing of providers with thumbnail pictures. Clicking on the thumbnail brings up a page with a couple of more pictures usually in lingerie, a short description and contact information. Most cities have from 30-70 providers listed.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  03/23/2002  Advertising Content:  low
Categories Female Escort - Service


quality Female Escort - Service in , General Travel Travel Sexguide -
Mini Review - This guide lists mostly escorts and agencies in cities all over the world. They link to larger directories in the US, and concentrate their resources on other geographical areas of Europe, Asia and Africa.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  02/08/2002  Advertising Content:  Medium

The AdultEntertainment-Guide - USA
Mini Review - Way too much money spent on fancy web design. Not nearly enough time spent generating content. Tried to find something here in my home town (Seattle), which is listed, but every page said "coming soon". Except for escort sites which listed women from all over the country but none within 1000 miles of me.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  01/24/2002  Advertising Content:  Low

quality Female Escort - Service in , General Travel Abbey's Escorts -
Mini Review - This escort directory has listings by city covering North America and Europe. Each listing has a page with 1-2 pictures a description and contact information.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/17/2001  Advertising Content:  medium

quality Sex Directories/Resources in , General Travel World Sex Archives -
Mini Review - This site holds reports on the sex for hire scene in most parts of the world. The reports are all written by members as they travel. Some areas have more detail than others. In the free area you can perform searches and see the subject lines of the results but not the entire posts. But this gives you an idea whether there is enough content you will be interested in. Once inside the members area you can view the posts. In some areas it is quite common for posters to submit photos to go along with their descriptions.
Cost: $4.95/month  Date Reviewed:  07/07/2001  Advertising Content:  Low

quality Gia's Escort-Classifieds.com - Worldwide
Mini Review - This directory has classified ads posted by providers worldwide. Everything is well organized and you do not have to wade through a lot of ads fRom the wrong region to find what you want. They also host message boards for discussions about the Hobby. They seem to hold mostly requests aND announcements.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  04/13/2001  Advertising Content:  Medium

quality 4 Play Escorts Adult Directory -
Mini Review - This is a really large directory of escorts in the USA. Almost all 50 states are covered in some amount. Categories include escorts, entertainers, and escorts that travel. Each category is broken down by state and city with links and one line descriptions.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  3/20/00  Advertising Content:  None

quality American Male Escorts -
Mini Review - The free section of this escort directory has about half of the 50 states covered. Escorts are broken down into categories by state and city. Each one has a page with vital statistics, 1-3 pictures and email contact. Inside the AVS there are 9 galleries. Each one has about 12 escorts listed. The escorts link to pages with identical text, but nude pictures are substituted. Inside the AVS the escorts are sorted by alphabetical order. No rate information is available online.
Cost: AVS - Mancheck  Date Reviewed:  12/10/99  Advertising Content:  

The Ultimate Escort List
Mini Review - When you enter, select a state from the pulldown menu, and click go. You'll get a further breakdown of cities. Click on the city of choice and you'll get a listing, which is typically just name/address/phone number.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  5/19/98  Advertising Content:  None

A Adorable escorts
Mini Review - Info site for a company that provides escort referrals in the following areas: Florida, Arizona, Dallas TX, Tennessee. Not much info - just phone numbers to call. Oh, and every little dancing girl GIF file I've ever seen, all on one page.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  2/9/98  Advertising Content:  None

Strip Clubs

The traveller guide to stripclubs
Mini Review - This site has a huge list of strip clubs in the U.S. and many worldwide. However, most clubs have a "5" rating. Some that I know differ so much in size, quality and style that I have to be sure no one ever went in and rated them. Good source for addresses but I would not count on anything else.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  8/31/98  Advertising Content:  Low

Bare Bones America
Mini Review - Everything here is inside the AVS, The site is basically a link list specializing in Strip Clubs sites. The links are broken down geographically. The areas I checked out seemed pretty comprehensive. Everything is text linked except for a few clubs that have loaned promotional pics to the site. If you want to see the websites for the strip clubs in any particular region this is a great resource to start out with. There are also a few escort and brothel listings too.
Cost: AVS - Adult Check  Date Reviewed:  4/30/98  Advertising Content:  Low


Ms Kitty's Swinger Resource -
Mini Review - This site is a resource in the making for the swing community. There are about 10 of the 50 states covered the rest of the directory is under construction. There are several tutorials and other resources for swinges some still just promised. Will be a good site when it is finished.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  12/3/99  Advertising Content:  Medium - High

BDSM Fetish

quality The BDSM Events Page -
Mini Review - Very comprehensive listing of events, organizations in the BDSM community. The listings are organized by region and month with contact information for the event or organization. Pretty much everything that is happening is listed here.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  4/17/00  Advertising Content:  medium
Categories BDSM/Fetish - Events


quality PlayCouples - For Sensuous Adult Couples
Mini Review - From the Lifestyles Organization, founded in 1969, the PlayCouples site has info on the 25th Annual Lifestyles convention in Las Vegas this July, a travel agency, personals, info on the South California parties, and a good number of links and resources for swinging couples. A small portion of the site (chat, personals) is members only.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  5/3/98  Advertising Content:  Low


quality Sexuality.org -
Mini Review - This is the mother of all sex resource sites. It rivals any search engine in the amount of information and is by far, better organized. If you are looking for a place to start, to try something new or find a group doing anything about sex this is your best place.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  04/15/99  Advertising Content:  None
Categories Sex Directories/Resources

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