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June 26th - Christopher Street Day Berlin 2004, Berlin
Gay pride festival

July 23rd - 24th - Sommerlochfestival, Braunschweig
Gay pride festival

June 4th - 13th - Euro Pride, Hamburg
Gay pride festival

June 18th - 19th - CSD - Nordwest, Oldenburg
Gay Pride Festival

July 24th - 25th - CSD SaarLorLux, Saarbrücken
Gay Pride Festival

New Reviews

quality Sex Directories/Resources in Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt RLD Sexguide - Frankfurt
Mini Review - This site is several info pages that describe the legal brothels in the redlight district, as well as the customs, ripoffs, what to watch out for, etc. It's all opinion, obviously, but I'm sure good info to have before wandering off as a tourist to try to find things on your own. There are maps and photos included.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  03/01/2005  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Sex Directories/Resources

quality BDSM/Fetish - Events in Dresden, Germany The Night of Passion - Dresden
Mini Review - This site organization has occasional BDSM and Fetsih parties. They describe them and have annoncements of future parties. There is a gallery of pics from past events. The site is in English and German. They also sponsor other unque gatherings such as a Dinner for 10 for singles and travel outings for like minded couples. They post reviews of previous events, and contact is via email and telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  05/21/2003  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories BDSM/Fetish - Events

quality Swingers - Contact Services in Hamburg, Germany Swingertausch.de Kostenloser Kontaktmar - Hamburg
Mini Review - This site has poersoinal ads, about half with pictures divided into several x seeking y categories. Each ad has about a half page of text and you can contact them by an online form. The entire site is in German.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  04/11/2003  Advertising Content:  medium
Categories Swingers - Contact Services

quality Female Escort - Independent in Frankfurt, Germany D A N N Y - Frankfurt
Mini Review - Danny has about a dozen pictures in lingerie posted on her site. She describes herself and her services on her first page. She has a FAQ which should cover many of your questions. Her rates include many durations and describe her terms also. Contact is via email. This site is in English and German.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/12/2002  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Independent

quality Swingers - Contact Services in Berlin, Germany Swinger Universum - Berlin
Mini Review - This portal leads you to almost 100 swing club websites and also has discussion forums and personal ads. The entire site is in German and the format is a modfied BBS system with clubs sorted by postal code.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  05/16/2002  Advertising Content:  medium
Categories Swingers - Contact Services

quality Pro Domme - Independent in Frankfurt, Germany Lady Verona - Frankfurt
Mini Review - Ms. Verona has a couple of dozen images of herself in fetish wear on her site orgainzed into 3 collages. The text is in both English and German. She She ahs oterh BDSM artwork availabel on her site and images of her playspace and toys. Contact is via online form and telephone. No rate information online.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  02/04/2002  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Pro Domme - Independent

Welcome to Chateaux Desiree - Hesslar - Kassel
Mini Review - There is a short paragraph describing the services here and contact information. That is about it. Contact is via email and telephone. All text in German.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/23/2000  Advertising Content:  None
Categories Licensed Brothel

General Links

Demask - Nurnberg
Paar Club -
Swingerclub No. 26 - Heiligenhagen
Opsymax - Schwerin
Moechtegern - Berlin
Tender Love - Fuldatal-Rothwesten
Party-Club Waldhof - Helsa-Waldhof
Villa Extra - Bad Nenndorf
WeiBes Haus - StaBfurt
Club Luna - Gottingen
Swingerclub Dessous - Schlangen / OWL
Club Swing - Hohengandern
Inside - Frondenberg
Treff 83 - Gewerbegebeit Witten-Annen
Club Coco - Altenahr
Kuschelclub - Altenberge
Privater Sauna und Partytreff - Wuppertal
MitFick-Zentrale - Krefeld
Paradies - Greven
Tina & Ralf - Solingen
Swingertreff - Moers
HBM - Meerbusch
VIP Club - Nettetal
Private Kreis NRW -
Beverly 2000 - Solingen-Burg
Venus - Hamminkeln
Tempation - Dusseldorf
Charisma - Fuerstenau
Le Coq - Alsbach - H‰hnlein
Downtown - Hanau
Rossini - Frankfurt
Privater Partykreis Korrekt - Papiermuhle
Sachsenhaeusen - P¸chau
Villa Inkognito - Gera
P‰rchen-Club "CLASSIC" - Guben
Club Lotos - Kulkwitz
Landhaus Villa - Ostrau (Sachsen)
Club Phoenix - Heilbronn
Blue Velvet - Karlsruhe/Rheinhafen
Freizeit-Oase - Plauen
Parchenclub Scheidel - Scheidel
Partytreff Mettmann - Mettmann
EuroStud - Berlin
Hamburg Gay Bikers - Hamburg
Valentino - Cologne
Chateua am Schwanensee - Hannover
Erotik Kontakte -
Club Oase - Urberach
Maihof Swing Club - Maihof

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