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May 4, 2006 - Bondage for Sex workshop, Honolulu
Bondage for sex isn't as simple as you might think. It's easy to make mistakes - resulting in a perfectly nice bondage scene and no ready way to make the sex part work. We'll help you avoid this frustrating experience. Topics to be covered include cover general considerations, a few useful knots and a variety of interesting positions. As with all of Max's workshops this workshop is appropriate for all genders and orientations. For more information go to www.BondageLessons.com.

May 6-7, 2006 - Two Day Bondage Intensive - Bondage Basics Through Suspension, Honolulu
This event provides 13 hours of focused bondage instruction, from the basics through suspension bondage. Over half of the Bondage Intensive is hands-on, so you'll have plenty of time to apply what you learn in a safe, friendly environment. For more information about Max, a full agenda and details on how to register go to www.BondageLessons.com. Class size is limited, so early registration is strongly encouraged.

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quality Female Escort - Independent in Maui, Hawaii Jackie - Maui
Mini Review - Jackie has about a dozen pictures in her gallery in lingerie posing at beautiful spots on the island. She also has pictures interspersed through out her website. This busty blond has a FAQ which answers many of the most common questions. She describes her services thoroughly. Some rates are mentioned in her FAQ, but not all are available online. Contact is via telephone, with clear instructions.
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Amber in Hawaii - Honolulu
Mini Review - Amber describes her service and has a paragraph about her rates for various services on her first page. She has over a dozen pictures of herself in her free area in lingerie and swim wear. They are all sized to be used as screen savers for various monitors. She also has descriptions of 4 other women she can refer you to. Inside the members area there are 9 nude pictures and thats it. A $20.00 membership should have more content.
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quality Female Escort - Service in honolulu, Hawaii Ms Natashas Volcano girls - honolulu
Mini Review - There are two sides to this service. The escort side has 3 women listed. Each one has 4-6 thumbnails and a one line description. The BDSM/fetish side has 6 dominant women and 2 submissives. These have 1-4 thumbnails that link to larger images and a short description. Contact is via email and telephone. No other information is available online. There is a bit of overlap between listings, but who can blame them for versatility:).

Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/09/2001  Advertising Content:  Low
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quality Gay Hawaii - Travel & Community Info -
Mini Review - This guide for travelers and residents can link you up to most gay specific, gay owned or gay friendly events and businesses in the islands. The site starts out with guide to 4 islands (Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai) that includes tour packages. They list several places to stay with rates and other information about the accommodations. They publish an online pocket guide to Hawaii and have instructions on buying a print version. The online version has links to everything from B&Bs to social events. There is a bulletin board where you can exchange pretty much any information, and a java based chatroom. This is a great central location to start your search for a great trip.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  5/8/00  Advertising Content:  Medium
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quality Rainbow Handbook Hawaii - Honolulu
Mini Review - This site is promoting a travel guide to the islands for gay men. However, you can learn a lot from just the website itself. There are short pages about several of the islands gay scene and history. I guess that was what as most interesting, rather than just lists of addresses to get you hooked up there was some real meat about the local culture. You can order the book online using the authors secure order form.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  4/16/00  Advertising Content:  Low
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quality Love Life Radio from Hawaii -
Mini Review - Love Life Radio is a radio program aired in Hawaii. It can also be listened to via Realplayer plugin from the website. The shows topics range all over but are usually centered in some way around love and relationships. Archived shows are available also and showed a wide ranging number of topics and guests. The site also features a very active set of chat rooms. I counted at least 80 people in the various rooms in the mid day.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/14/99  Advertising Content:  medium
Categories Sex Directories/Resources

Yahoo Groups

HawaiiBDSM - Onelist

Sex Laws

This section on the laws of Hawaii is provided with this caveat. There is no warranty that it is complete. It is not legal advice and I am not a lawyer. I am only trying to help people find resources that might help them. If you think you need legal advice consult an attorney in this jurisdiction. This section is a work in progress and laws do change. Web versions of legal codes are not always updated as regularly as they should be. Be sure to check these laws at their original source before relying upon any information. If you have any information to add please write to Jim.

This is some background information on Hawaii Laws. Basically the statutes of Hawaii define sex these ways in HRS 707-700.

Deviate sexual intercourse
"means any act of sexual gratification between a person and an animal or a corpse, involving the sex organs of one and the mouth, anus, or sex organs of the other." (Note this is a departure from most states that use this term for sodomy with a living human.)

Sexual contact
"means any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person not married to the actor, or of the sexual or other intimate parts of the actor by the person, whether directly or through the clothing or other material intended to cover the sexual or other intimate parts."

Sexual penetration
"means vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, fellatio, cunnilingus, anilingus, deviate sexual intercourse, or any intrusion of any part of a person's body or of any object into the genital or anal opening of another person's body; it occurs upon any penetration, however slight, but emission is not required. For purposes of this chapter, each act of sexual penetration shall constitute a separate offense."

The age of consent in Hawaii is 14 years old according to HRS 707-732. "Female breasts are not private parts or genitalia, and exposure thereof under existing circumstances was not a lewd act under HRS 712-1217 Open Lewdness statute" according to 61 H. 68, 597 P.2d 13.

The following are laws in the state of Hawaii that we feel restrict the consensual act of sex. These are victimless acts that are criminalized by someone trying to legislate their own morality. Some of these laws are rarely and unevenly applied, but as long as they are on the books they can be used to persecute people. If you live in Hawaii ask your Legislators to change these laws.

HRS 572-1 Marriage
"In order to make valid the marriage contract, which shall be only between a man and a woman". According to HRS 572-1.6 there is specifically no prohibition against holding a symbolic marriage ceremony in Hawaii for same sex couples. The up to date status of same sex marriage in Hawaii can be found at Damon, Key, Leong, Kupchak, Hastert.

HRS 572-1 Marriage
"The man does not at the time have any lawful wife living and that the woman does not at the time have any lawful husband living". However, I could not find any statute in Hawaii making bigamy a crime.

HRS 712-1200 Prostitution
"A person commits the offense of prostitution if the person engages in, or agrees or offers to engage in, sexual conduct with another person for a fee." This is a petty misdemeanor.

HRS 712-1203 Promoting prostitution, 2nd degree
Advancing or profiting "from prostitution by managing, supervising, controlling, or owning, either alone or in association with others, a house of prostitution or a prostitution business or enterprise involving prostitution activity by two or more prostitutes". This is a class C felony.

HRS 712-1204 Promoting prostitution, 3rd degree
"knowingly advances or profits from prostitution." is a misdemeanor.

HRS 712-1206 Loitering for the purpose of ... prostitution
"Any person who remains or wanders about in a public place and repeatedly beckons to or repeatedly stops, or repeatedly attempts to stop, or repeatedly attempts to engage passers-by in conversation, or repeatedly stops or attempts to stop motor vehicles, or repeatedly interferes with the free passage of other persons for the purpose of committing the crime of prostitution as that term is defined in section 712-1200, shall be guilty of a violation."

HRS 712-1207 Street solicitation of prostitution
"It shall be unlawful for any person within the boundaries of Waikiki and while on a public street or sidewalk to offer or agree to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for a fee." This is a petty misdemeanor.

HRS 712-1211 Displaying indecent matter
A person commits the offense of displaying indecent matter if the person knowingly or recklessly displays ... a photograph, drawing, sculpture, ... which reveals the person with less than a fully opaque covering over his or her genitals, pubic area, or buttocks, or depicting the person in a state of sexual excitement or engaged in an act of sexual conduct or sadomasochistic abuse; and which is presented in such a manner as to exploit lust". (Even Baywatch violates this one.) This is a petty misdemeanor.

HRS 712-1214 Promoting pornography
"Disseminates for monetary consideration any pornographic material; or produces, presents, or directs pornographic performances for monetary consideration; or participates for monetary consideration in that portion of a performance which makes it pornographic." This is a misdemeanor.

HRS 712-1270 Nuisance abatement
"Every building, premises, or place used for the purpose of violating those laws pertaining to offenses against public health and morals contained in (HRS 712-1200) of this chapter, ... and every building, premises, or place in or upon which the violations are held or occur ... is a nuisance that shall be enjoined, abated, and prevented, regardless of whether it is a public or private nuisance."

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