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June 5th - 6th - Kansas City Gay Pride, Kansas City
Gay pride festival

June 26th - 27th - St. Louis Pride, St. Louis
Gay Pride Festival

August 6th - 9th - Feature Dancer - Aspen Reign, St. Joseph

November 12th - 14th - Spanksgiving, St Louis
Convention for BDSM practitioners including parties and workshops

April 23-25th - Beat Me In St. Louis VIII - BDSM Event

New Reviews

quality BDSM/Fetish - Events in Kansas City, Missouri Unvanilla.Org - Kansas City
Mini Review - This resource page for kinky people started out covering the KC area and is slowly expanding to include events and other resources through out the Midwest. Eventually they will probably be global. If you are in the central states this is a great place to start your quest. They have a calendar and resource list that is very good. A lot of the advertising was on point with their content or for causes you should support.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/24/2003  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories BDSM/Fetish - Events

quality Pro Domme - Independent in Saint Louis, Missouri Mistress Jacqueline - Saint Louis
Mini Review - Jacqueline has a different picture of herself usually in fetish wear, and sometimes playing on every page of her site. She describes herself and lists her specialties and even the things she will not do. She is one of the few professional Dominas I have seen mention aftercare on her website. She lists one other Domina who is available to join her and shows a gallery of a half dozen pictures of her as well. She has pictures of her play space and lists the equipment available. Her rates are available online and contact is via email and telephone with special instructions available on the site. She also describes 4 videos of her playing you can purchase via snail mail.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/12/2003  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Pro Domme - Independent

quality Goddess Jeanna - St, Louis
Mini Review - This site is laid out in a tour format, but the site is very much to the point and every page is important in making a decision about an appointment. The entire site has pictures of Jeanna on every page. She starts out by describing herself and her attitudes towards domination. Then she describes some sample fantasies she enacts with some customers. A huge list of equipment available in her dungeon. And a page detailing her rates and how to contact her for an appointment. Contact is via email, snail mail and telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  4/2/00  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Pro Domme - Independent

quality original jims pick Robbi's Playground - East St. Louis
Mini Review - Robbi has a refreshing website. It is obvious from her enthusiasm that she is one of the entertainers who would be doing this even if the internet were a LAN with only 1000 subscribers. She has a page detailing her services as an entertainer at bachelor parties and other functions where female nudity might be desired. This is tucked away inside the preview to her paysite which details her love of public nudity and exhibitionism. The paysite itself has a very long preview and inside there are over 1000 images of her most of them in public places in the St. Louis area. Must be quite a few lucky construction crews around there. Robbi also does live webcam shows and chats with her members live on a regular basis. She offers very clear and honest billing options between recurring and nonrecurring billing. -- 
Cost: $12.95/month nonrecurring  Date Reviewed:  1/19/00  Advertising Content:  Low

quality Missouri Swingers -
Mini Review - If you are thinking of getting started in swinging, start here. This site is a very nice resource for swingers in any area but especially in the "Show Me" State. They have links to all sorts of resources and have written some of their own to help a couple with the decisions of how and when to swing. They also list clubs in their area and have reviewed many of them. Their guestbook doubles as a personal ad service.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/25/99  Advertising Content:  None
Categories Swingers - Contact Services

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