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June 19th - 20th - Cleveland Pride, Cleveland
Gay pride festival

August 15-17th - BDSM Event - Ohio Leather Fest, Cleveland

June 26th - Columbus Pride, Columbus
Gay pride festival

New Reviews

quality Incall Massage in Cleveland, General Travel Cleveland Nude Massage - Cleveland
Mini Review - This thin busty brunette has a page describing herself including her incall massage services. She also explains her dancing and lingerie modelling services. She has about a dozen pictures in lingerie online and has a table of rates for several durations and options. Contact is via telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/29/2003  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Incall Massage


quality Female Escort - Independent in Cleveland, Ohio Cookie's Sweet Shop - Cleveland [NL 10/17/03]
Mini Review - Cookie Has a very comprehensive website. This BBW has 8 pictures in lingerie for those of you attracted to the "woman next door". She describes her personality an her service in detail. Her rates and what to expect in an appointment are well explained. Contact is via email.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  12/17/2002  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Independent

quality Female Escort - Service in Statewide and more, Ohio Ohio Exposed - State wide and more
Mini Review - The free area has a couple of pages describing this directory and review website. Inside they have categories for adult entertainment from strip clubs to escorts. Each is split by region in the state and they have user posted reviews letting you know the inside scoop, on what to pay, what to expect etc. This is a great resource for anyone in the Ohio region. They have also added some hardcore licensed pics to tide you over.
Cost: $8.99/3 months  Date Reviewed:  12/13/2002  Advertising Content:  Low

quality Jennifer 69 of Cleveland - Cleveland
Mini Review - Jennifer has a gallery of 6 pictures in assorted lingerie showing off her model perfect body. She has a description of her service and herself. Her rates are online with variations based upon local travel distance. Contact is via email and telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  05/08/2001  Advertising Content:  Low

quality Emmett Andrews - Cleveland
Mini Review - Emmett has everything you need to know about him on this site and more. He discusses his style on a date, describes himself physically and personally. There is a schedule of his travels and a page about his various rates. There over 30 pictures of him, some professionally done some candids. Contact is via email and telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  3/22/00  Advertising Content:  None

quality Ashley - Cleveland, Akron
Mini Review - Everything here is on one page. 1 nude picture of ashley, her vital statistics, a list of her specialties, her hourly rate and telephone contact information.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  3/20/00  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Independent

Strip Clubs

Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Clubs (Cleveland)
Mini Review - A promotional site for the dance clubs, this site offers bios and pictures of various dancers, directions to the clubs and city info, bachelor party info, etc. The site uses frames and opens up lots of separate windows so make sure you have memory to go in there. Easy to navigate.
Cost: Free    Date Reviewed: 6/21/97    Advertising Content: Medium

Retail Stores

quality Retail Stores in Richmond Hts. Maple Hts. Mentor N. Olmsted Canton Parma Hts. Cuyahoga Falls , Ohio Ambiance - Richmond Hts. Maple Hts. Mentor N. Olmsted Canton Parma Hts. Cuyahoga Falls
Mini Review - In addition to this online store this company operates 7 retail locations in Ohio. They sell the usual assortment of sex toys and novelties. Each item has a brief description and thumbnail picture. The thumbnails enlarge to show the product in and out of its packaging. However they are very relative when discussing size. IMO a "large" butt plug or dildo might seem small to someone else, a quantitative dimension might help. They have a very good assortment of books and magazines on how-tos of sex and sexuality. Contact information is very thorough and they have a very well explained return policy.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  01/15/2002  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Retail Stores


quality PEER Group - Cincinnati
Mini Review - This BDSM support group meets monthly for a munch open to walk ins and has monthly meetings which you must contact them about before attending. Meetings are described as well as a thorough description of their mission. Contact information is snail mail, email and telephone. They also supply a long list of resources for BDSM and several topical links pages for other resources.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/26/99  Advertising Content:  None §

Pro Domination (Tips on Contacting a Pro Dominant Click Here)

quality Mistress Alexis - Cleveland
Mini Review - Picking the right Dominant is a difficult decision. Not an impulse buy. There is no such thing as too much information. Mistress Alexis thinks the same way. Her site is designed to let you know a lot about her and also for her to learn a lot about you. In our opinion this is the first step to a very fulfilling session. Everything is explained in detail. There are pages about her rules and expectations. There are pages describing her facility. Her rates are clear and detailed for face to face sessions, email sessions and phone sessions. There are galleries of pictures of her and a few of her very lucky Sissies. She has a great form to let her know what your limits and wants are in a session. Be careful of what you wish for.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/16/2000  Advertising Content:  None

Divas World - Cleveland
Mini Review - There are pictures of 3 women in fetish wear here, a phone number and an email address. No rates, no rules nothing about what to expect or not to expect.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/16/2002  Advertising Content:  Low

quality Miss Erica Kent - Columbus
Mini Review - There are two main sections to this website. 1. for those wanting consultation, aid, and products for transgender activities there is the Finishing School. 2. For those interested in BDSM, female dominance and other topics there is the Castle. Each has pages of information, products for sale and details on making an appointment to see Miss Erica. There are several pictures of herself as you surf through all the information she has to offer. Contact is via telephone and email. There are many ways to make donations online and she has a list of gifts you may want to buy her. Rate information was available online, and she announces several discounts for various services.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  12/28/99  Advertising Content:  None

quality Princess Sierra - Columbus
Mini Review - If you want full on abuse from a Pro Domme from the get go try this site. There is no negotiation allowed here. This site is real clear about the limits of Princess Sierra and those are the only choices. There is good contact information but details are sketchy about in person sessions and rates until you contact her. There is a lot of information about phone sessions available online. If you are confused about what to expect from this Domme you have not read her site.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  05/01/99  Advertising Content:  None

Sex Directories and Resources

quality AdultOhio.com -
Mini Review - This is a very well organized directory of adult businesses in Ohio. Each category has a comprehensive listing of business names and contact info organized by city in Ohio. The also feature pictures submitted by dancers and escorts in the Ohio area.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  12/12/2000  Advertising Content:  Low

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