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June 1st - 19th - RI Pride, Providence
Gay Pride Festival

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quality BDSM/Fetish - Events in Providence, Rhode Island Master Dread - Providence
Mini Review - This website showcases Master Dread, a male top in Providence who offers training opportinities in his play space, parties and organizes BDSM performances. There are pages showing pictures of each specialty and describing each. There are also flash collages of BDSm furniture he makes available. Contact is via email or telephone. There are clear rules and rate information for the aprties, however training performances and furniture are all quoted by contact. Flash is required to view this site.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/28/2004  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories BDSM/Fetish - Events

quality The Black Key CLub - Providence
Mini Review - This private club has a great site. They describe the facility and their events. The rules are clear and straightforward. The membership process is laid out and you can do it online or via snail mail. They post a schedule of play events as well as classes in various topics. Contact is via email, snail mail, telephone and online form.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  04/03/2001  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Swingers - Clubs

quality Rhode Island Swingers Connection - Providence
Mini Review - The organizers of this site hold regular events at hotels in the area. They also have special events on occasion so be sure to check out there calendar. There is also a chat room and personals section. Message boards cover topics on swinging and other alternative lifestyles. They had a really nice article on swinging etiquette for those new to their events. Contact information is via email and telephone. Costs and requirements for the events were very clear.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/05/99  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Swingers - Events

quality The Foxy Lady - Providence
Mini Review - This is a very well done strip club site. They have everything but dancers schedules. No detail is left uncovered. The free area lets you know everything about the club it has schedules of regular events and lets you know about feature performers. There are pictures of some of the dancers. Directions to the club are for either direction. There is plenty of contact information in case you want to take advantage of a bachelor party package or some other promotion. As well they have a free admission coupon you can print out from the page. Inside the pay area there are 2 galleries featuring particular dancers. Each one has a page of 10-20 thumbnails that link to larger images. There are also 2 pages of thumbnails of assorted dancers, each one linking to a larger image.
Cost: $19.95/month  Date Reviewed:  06/15/99  Advertising Content:  None
Categories Strip Club - Club Site

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