What is an "AVS"?
First, let me give you some basic info. AVS stands for "Adult Verification Service". AVSs started quite awhile ago, supposedly as a way to insure that people accessing the site were at least 18. When this was done by credit card only, that was more believable since you have to be of legal age to have a credit card. Now, many AVSs' offer 900 number signups also. Now I personally feel that AVSs are a good way for a site with really good content, but not enough to be a legitimate PAY site, to make enough money to run their site. It is expensive to run a big adult site, costing thousands a month to run once they gain popularity. So.. usually AVS sites that get a "Q" rating on my list are sites that have better content than most free sites, and less advertising than the free sites.

Some important points to keep in mind:
1. Lifetime memberships.. remember.. this should be called "lifetime of the AVS".. it's probably not going to be YOUR lifetime. None of us knows for certain what the future of the web is. Who knows if AVSs will still be around in 2 years, much less 20. I'm betting I outlive any AVS out there. ;-)
2. Most AVSs do not have quality control for the content of sites they protect. You'll find alot of crap, but hopefully alot of gems as well. You have hundreds to thousands (depending on the AVS) of sites to browse, so in general in my opinion, they are usually worth the money, but don't join just to join. Wait until you find a site that you WANT to join specifically, and do it through them. You'll be supporting them (they get the money then) and you can surf the rest of the list from there.
3. Sites that use an AVS don't have any contract or committment to KEEP using it. So, keep in mind that you are joining the service, not the site, and the site you join through may disappear altogether or may switch to a different form of payment and no longer accept the AVS you joined.
4. When you sign up for an AVS, look for one that makes information accessible. Namely, an email contact, phone number in case of billing problems/password problems, terms and conditions that are stated. If they are legitimate, they should have no fear of accessibility. Beware ANYONE who makes any of this information difficult or impossible to find.
5. I'm starting to note those sites which have customer service problems. If you've had a problem with a particular service, mail me so I can let others know.
6. I do not have personal experience with MOST of the services here. I've noted those that I do. Please don't take these listings as an endorsement of services. While most of them are probably fine, I simply don't have knowledge of them. Again, as above, if you have had a good or bad experience let me know, but this guide is intended as a general overview and comparison of what is publicly accessible knowledge from their respective websites.

Important Note: I do not sell ANY of the passwords here, or make any profit whatsoever from this service. The reason for that is, I STRONGLY believe that AVS revenues should go to sites that actually use them, not to sites offering guides like this. (they are out there). Most webmasters who use AVSs rely on some income from these to pay their site costs. Because of that, I provide a link to the AVS directly (where you can access the participating site list), and in some cases, if I know of a good QUALITY site that uses a particular AVS, I've included their link. I do not receive any compensation for doing so.. I'm just trying to be helpful. Please. if you sign up for any of these.. signup under a site you think looks good, NOT under the AVS directly. They do not deserve all the revenue.

Quickjump to a particular service:
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Note on 2/3/02: I just finished updating this section, which desperately needed the attention, for the first time in about 2 years. I incoluded notes on many defunct services that were previously listed, as well as updating costs and info for the few who've been around all along, I added some new services, and I noticed along the way the changes in this segment of the industry. Read carefully, now more than ever caveat emptor. Overall, the one service I think stands out above all others is Pro Adult - I mention that in case you get disheartened before you ever find them at the bottom of the list. I know I was as I went through this update. - Jane

Adult Check
The oldest AVS service around, while they have a large number of protected sites, they have made it increasingly difficult to find a way to cancel memberships and have started to have customer service issues.
Perks: Search engine on the links page
Number of sites protected: close to 300,000
Cost: $19.95/3months - recurring billing, every 90 days.
Forms of Payment: Instant activation by Visa, Mastercard or Discover/Novus card via secure online form or phone. Instance access via check payment online, or non-instant mail order via check/money order.
Appears on bill as: Cybernet Ventures, Inc.
Adult Check List of Sites
email: depends on problem. Click here for help page/email

Adult Check GOLD
Seems like just about every AVS has started a "gold" program, which charges more and limits sites using it to higher quality. There is still no criteria in terms of original or exclusive imagery (these are 9 times out of 10 going to be licensed images, therefore you may see duplicates) but the criteria is higher than "regular" sites. Sites using ACGold as their form of payment must have at least 300 photos, some other content (stories, movie clips, anything in addition to photos), load quickly, and not have consoles or high ad content.
Number of sites protected: over 13,000
Cost: $19.95/month recurring billing
Forms of Payment: Instant activation by Visa, Mastercard or Discover/Novus card via secure online form or phone. Instance access via check payment online, or non-instant mail order via check/money order.
Appears on bill as: Cybernet Ventures, Inc.
Adult Check GOLD List of Sites
email: depends on problem. Click here for help page/email

CyberAge (formerly AgeCheck)
CyberAge started not long after AdultCheck, but under the name AgeCheck - so they've been around and have been stable for many years. This is apparent by the sheer number of sites that are using their services, they've built up a good list over time. They do get slime points however for their "amateur model contest" being promoted when I visited to do the update. It's implied that to enter, the prospective model needs to prove her age by joining. If you read the terms and conditions, they state that no purchase is necessary, and if you submit photos to the contest you're signing away your rights to them. Gee, you get to pay them and give them the rights to use them in any way they want, for the possibility of a $2,000 prize. Great deal. (/end sarcasm).
Extras: search engine, joke of the day, greeting cards, etc. are all publicly accessible without joining.
Number of sites protected: 285,000
Cost: $19.95/year with 1 week "platinum" access, $26.95/2 year with 2 week platinum trial, $65.95/lifetime with 30 day platinum access. Platinum trial DOES TURN RECURRING, so read the email you get if you decide to join, which will give more detail. If you read section 16.2 of the terms and conditions, you'll see that the platinum "trial" which you can't opt out of when you sign up will rebill at $19.90 per month until you cancel.
Forms of Payment: Instant activation by Visa, Mastercard or Discover/Novus card via secure online form or phone. Instance access via check payment online, or non-instant mail order via check/money order.
Cancellation form for platinum
Contact info: They have a wonderful "about us" page located here, with address, phone, history... really nicely done.
Appears on bill as: TriTech Entertainment
List of CyberAge sites

CyberAge Platinum
You know the drill. The "better" sites in the network, for more money.
Number of sites protected: I couldn't find a number for how many platinum sites were in the network.
Cost: $19.90/month recurring billing, or $34.95/3 months recurring
Forms of Payment: Instant activation by Visa, Mastercard or Discover/Novus card via secure online form or phone. Instance access via check payment online, or non-instant mail order via check/money order.
Appears on bill as: TriTech Entertainment
CyberAge Platinum List of Sites
All other info same as CyberAge regular above

Universal Adult Pass
participating site list
Email help: the only contact was via a form to fill out online. Not a good sign.
Cancellations, etc. - there is a page here with a plethora of confusing information. Apparently there is more than one way to join, so there are different methods of cancelling.
Cost: There is a whole lot of talk about FREE. Free one year access, free free free. Yeah right. Check out the terms and conditions, which are probably intentionally not too easy to understand. Your "free" password is WITH PURCHASE of membership at or, or whatever they are bundling it with on any given day. The form doesn't include the credit card input until step #2, just to lull you further. If you follow enough of the link trail they give you, you'll finally find out that your actual cost will be somewhere along the lines of $40 a month. Yikes!
Shows up on bill as well, that too is unclear. Looks like it could be ccbill, it could be ibill, it could be any number of 3rd party billing systems they use.
My suggestion: run, don't walk, from this one. They've done their absolute best to be misleading as hell.

X-Tacy Online
Formerly an AVS site, no longer linked because it is now console hell, and leads only to paysites. I mention it still because it illustrates that you do not know what will happen when you buy into a service. At one time they sold "lifetime" memeberships for $55. I had to shut my computer down to get out of the console hell they threw at me, and no content is offered any longer through the former "service". Another great product by Adult Revenue Service.

Adult Pass
Now defunct

Age Pass
Formerly an AVS on their own, they sold access to 800 or so sites for $16.95/month. Now they are merely a listing of Adult Check and Adult Check GOLD sites, presumeably they own these sites but who knows.

Another so-called "Free" AVS service, and I cannot reiterate this enough: if someone asks for your credit card, they INTEND TO USE IT. Read through the signup forms carefully and you'll see that you are in fact joining not only the "free" avs service, but also you get a "free" 5 day trial to PornKings or That will turn into a $34.95/month recurring charge if you don't remember to cancel.
Cost: If you actually remember to cancel in the small window allowed, conceivably you will actually get something free. You'll also get free spam, since they sign you up for their mailing list, although you can cancel that "opt-in" mailing here. At the end of the 5 days it'll be $34.95/month. There IS no opt-out for the free trial to the paysite, so if you decide to do this write down your info and document carefully.
number of sites protected: doesn't say. Searchable listings provided, however.
Forms of payment: checking account or credit card via online form for instant access.
Appears on bill as: CCBill if you forget to cancel in time
My suggestion: as always, avoid anything that is intentionally misleading. CCBill is a legit company, so should you join and wish to cancel, they provide good support. Still, we think SexKey stinks for their tactics.

Netverifier (formerly PornoPass)
Doing business under their old name of PornoPass, this AVS is another of the earlier services out there.
number of sites protected: over 200,000
Cost: $18.95/year with 30 days "elite", or $29.95/2 years with 30 days "elite". "Elite" starts rebilling at $24.95/month after the initial free trial if you don't cancel.
Elite? Mmhmm, that is the "upgraded" service, with higher quality sites. And it'll rebill if you don't cancel, and you can't opt out of trying it.
participating site list
Appears on bill as: Space Age
Support: there is no cancellation form that I could find in the publicly accessible area of the site, only a support form which you can choose "billing inquiry" as an option on. They ask for your credit card number again on this, it's not a secure form.

Lots of talk about "first and finest" and blah blah blah, the site list is here and it's maybe a couple hundred sites altogether.
Number of sites protected: doesn't state a number, but as above looks to be a couple hundred.
Cost: points for being VERY upfront with their costs. They tell you all over the place that it is recurring at $19.95/month
forms of payment: credit card only, Amex, Visa, MC or discover. No checks or money orders
Support: the member FAQ linked on the menu bar has good contact info and a link to the cancellation form
Appears on bill as: Doesn't specifically state, so I'd guess Validate, LLC.
My suggestion: well, it doesn't look like there are that many sites, but they do appear to be forthright about their billing. If you see something you like, decide from there.

Another one bites the dust. This goes to a golf club now.

The oldest gay-only AVS service I know of, one of the legit and longstanding services.
Number of sites protected: around 13,500
Cost: There is a good cost info page which gives an overview of the various price points. Basic access is $19.95/year, but as with most services they add on a "free trial" for the streaming video which rebills at $39.95/month if you keep it. BUT they are upfront about it all.
forms of payment: instant access via Visa, MC, JCB or Discover.
Appears on bill as: iBill, the 3rd party service they use for processing
Support: there is a nice little help center with links to faqs, cancellation form, and so on.
ManCheck list of sites

Adult Key
They've been around for awhile, and they seem to have quit doing the one annoying thing of signing members up for an adult CDRom subscription service along with membership. This is probably because they are now using the 3rd party billing system iBill. In former days they did billing under the names Network Authentication Systems and NAS Internet.
Number of sites protected: 10,000
Cost: $19.95/yr,   $29.95/2 yr,   $60/unlimited
Forms of Payment: Major CC, secure server.
Appears on bill as: iBill
Adult Key List of Sites
Support: a FAQ with all the regular info is located here
Pretty straightforward service, still cheap, probably the sites covered reflect that, but check some out from the site list and see if anything looks remotely compelling.

Ah, yet another "internet's best". Everyone seems to be either best, first, or both. Can't website designers come up with anything new?
Number of sites protected: doesn't say
Cost: join form wasn't working when I visited, I couldn't get a current cost list
Forms of Payment: Major CC by secure server, 900 nbr
Appears on bill as: Internet Business Solutions
I-Shield List of Sites
Notes: site list had more than one dead link. Click around a bit.
support: click here for the help page. They have toll-free phone contact listed, and a good overall faq. Of course with the join not working this is all moot.

No longer operating, formerly sold 1 and 2 year memberships billing under the name of Internet Services International

AVS and AVS Gold
This is another for the history file. AVS and AVSGold we had listed here for years, they were one of the early AVSs out there. They now have the distinction of being all over the news as the largest child porn bust on the Internet, with the former owners doing life. However, MOST subscribers never knew child porn existed on the network. I know we certainly didn't, or we never would have linked to them.
Number of sites protected: 2,455
Cost: AVS $19.95/1 month, AVS Gold $29.95/3 months
Forms of Payment: Major CC, secure server
Appears on bill as: Landslide, Inc.

Adult Sights
Another of the early ones, and thus still around but their heydey is over, their list of participating sites has shrunk dramatically. They do have a nicely organized site list, and you can organize it to keep track of favorites which is cool. Formerly had more billing options when they billed under "Internet Verification Services", now they use 3rd party processor CCBill. They also did away with subscribing users to an adult CDRom service, which they used to do.
Number of sites protected: 20,000
Cost: $19.95/year with one week trial to the VIP service
Forms of Payment: Major CC or check, secure server
Appears on bill as:CCBill
AdultSights List of Sites

Adult Rated
At the time I visited, although the site itself was there and had a site list, the join form wasn't working at all. Not having an Adult Rated password, I couldn't test to see if the malfunction extended to it being unable to verify existing passwords to get into sites. Looks as though this is another one for the defunct list.

Adult Access
Used to operate at the url, and sold memberships that upgraded to "annual platinum memberships" for $90. They billed under the name NPP Securenet, and it looks as if they no longer exist.

Free Net Pass
You can probably tell from the title, right? Yeah, this is another of those AVS services that plasters the word "free" all over it, when it's really anything but. You have to love their FAQ, especially the first question: "what's the catch?" and their answer "there IS no catch, it's really free!" - but when you go to join, you'll see that you can ONLY join if you do a free 3 day trial to SexUncensored. You have to give up an email address to get more information, and I didn't see a privacy policy listed. Gee, wonder if they spam you?
Number of sites protected: another one claiming "thousands"
Cost: Why FREE of course! (/end sarcasm) Ok, the real deal from the fineprint on page 2 of the join form: "If you continue your membership at SexUncensored beyond your FREE 3 day trial, you will be charged the standard monthly rate of $49.95."
terms and conditions - from the 2nd join page, you can see the terms - this page has a link to yet another set of terms for SexUncensored or, one of which you are getting the 3 day trial to. There is no opt out of the trial.
Forms of payment: major credit card only
appears on bill as: CCbill

Massive Pass
Yet another billing itself as free, this differs from FreeNetPass in one significant way: you HAVE to purchase something to get the "free access to thousands of sites" - in other words, they aren't simply hoping you'll forget to cancel a 3 day trial, they are hoping you won't read the fine print and see that you are agreeing to a 30 day "trial" to for $29.95. That membership is recurring until cancelled, but you MUST pay the initial 30 bucks to "be eligible" for the "free" service. Whatever.
Number of sites protected: they claim thousands, the site list doesn't appear that large.
Cost: a minimum of $29.95
Forms of payment: major credit card
appears on bill as: didn't say
contact info: unh... didn't say. Surprise
Added bonus: if for some odd reason you decide to try this one, and you don't mind paying the $30 for the "free" service, note the pre-checked box that you need to UNcheck in order to not get daily spam to your email account.

Pro Adult
Fairly new, ProAdult launched sometime in the last couple of years. It's the service by Igor and the guys over at VoyeurWeb, who have always to our knowledge run really good surfer-friendly services. Sites on the site list can be browsed via the categorized directory, or you can use the search engine.
Number of sites protected: over 10,000
Cost: 1 year for $24.95. And hey, no add-ons or "free trials" or anything.
Forms of payment: There are a ton of options. Credit cards accepted include Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, Discover, Amex, Amex Optima, Diners Club and JBC. Payment can also be made via PayPal, 900 number or check or money order.
Appears on bill as: Igormania
My suggestion: honestly this looks to be the best out there. Igor did it right, something he's known for. It's an especially good network for people who like amateur and/or voyeur content, since that was really the user base it was started from.

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