Adult Website Submission Options

We now have 5 separate submission forms. It is vitally important that you use the correct one. We will ignore your submission if you submit to the incorrect category. You should also read our webmaster FAQ. It will give you a good idea on where we stand on several common issues for webmasters.

All of these are moderated lists. DO NOT hit submit over and over, your link will not show up until someone reviews it.

Online Entertainment and Information

If your site falls into any of these categories or its primary aim is to entertain on the internet this is your place. To submit a link to this section click HERE.

Photography sites of any kind (hardcore, softcore, fetish, bdsm, etc)
Adult video of any kind (streaming, webcam, fetish, gay, etc)
Sexuality information of any kind
Webzines, erotic fiction, or any other written word for adults
Adult products of any kind (video/DVD, adult toys and novelties, lingerie, leather, etc)
Adult Services where location is NOT a factor (personal ad sites and phonesex)
Webmaster resources
ANY of the above, use this form.

Regional Guide (Submissions Currently Suspended while we upgrade!)

Escorts, dancers, pro domination, strip clubs, swingers, BDSM/fetish clubs, resorts, nightclubs, brick & mortar stores, tattoo/piercing parlors are all good examples of sites that should use the regional submission form.

If your site falls into any of these categories or its primary aim is face to face contact or providing regional resources this is your place. Our regional submissions are currently suspended while we upgrade our site, sorry for the inconvenience.


We now have two separate calendars, one for major events related to sex and sexuality. This can be anything from pride festivals to conventions. The other is for live appearances by celebrities such as porn stars, visiting escorts and internet entertainers. These events are also cross referenced in the regional guide.


If you are promoting a specific event such as a convention, festival or large educational event this is your place. Our Event Calendar submissions have been suspended during our upgrade.. sorry...

Live Appearances

If you are promoting a personal appearance by a net celebrity, porn star or a feature dancer this is your place. Our Live Appearance submissions have been suspended during our upgrade...

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