Webmaster FAQ

  1. I have had a link to you for "X" weeks, where is my review?
    Do not put up a link before we review you and expect us to notice. Review requests are not looked at until the reviewer goes to write the review. This may take from a week to a couple of months depending upon the reviewer assigned and our workload in general. It is not neccesary to link to us in advance. If you do, we will most likely not notice. Linking us will not obligate our reviewer to review your site or if they do, to give you a good review.
  2. I have changed my site will you change the review?
    You can submit for a new review after 6 months. We always have an incredible backlog of sites to review and do not have time to constantly revisit websites. When you do resubmit be sure to tell the reviewer that you are resubmitting, how old your last review is and highlight what has changed on your website. We know you got a nice surge of traffic for some time when your review went up, and want that to continue forever, however it becomes fairly obvious when we receive frequent re-review requests, and we just tend not to respond to those.
  3. But, I made a lot of changes after you criticized me.
    Our reviewers are not free consultants. You can hire them as consultants and pay those types of rates if you want. If you want to know what we do not like read some of our reviews.
  4. But, your review is no longer accurate!!
    That is why we put a date on it.
  5. I think you were wrong in the review, will you change it?
    Sometimes we make mistakes. If the reviewer was truly in error on a FACT we will change it. We rarely overrule the opinions of our reviewers though. So if your site has 36 pictures and we said 20 ask us and we will change it. If you add 16 pictures after the review do not ask. If the reviewer said "ugly green" background, write us only if it is "ugly blue". Harassing, haranguing, or attempting to negotiate with the Janes Guide staff will probably invoke our Ignore button. We are always busy and have too many sites waiting to review.
  6. If I buy an ad will I get a faster/better review?
    No, while our sales staff does write reviews, once you contact us about advertising they are out of the loop on all editorial decisions regarding your website. Your review request will be reassigned to other reviewers if needed.
  7. I do not do reciprocal links, will you still review me?
    All commercial websites must give us a reciprocal link if we give you a "quality" rating. We define commercial as any commercial intent or activity. Just because you are losing money or not making "much" does not give you an exemption.
  8. My site is still under construction, will you review it?
    No, we will skip it. If for some reason we do review your site you probably will not get a good review. And we will not go back 2 weeks later when you complain. We realize that websites are always in some state of flux, but the main content of your site should be complete before you submit for review.
  9. How will I know how or when to link to you?
    When your site gets reviewed the script we use will autogenerate an email to the address you supplied with instructions and the text of your review.
  10. I was in your "new listings" but now my site is gone, what happened?
    Reviews are moved from new listings into the main categories usually 1-2 weeks after the review. An editor checks the review and checks for a reciprocal link to us. Sometimes the editor is behind and the review will disappear from "new listings" before it is checked. It should be handled in a few days. If this condition persists write Jim and ask him to look into it.
  11. Why should I give you a free password to my site?
    We have to review the entire website. If we do not have access to everything we cannot write an accurate review. If you do not give us a valid password or other means to enter we may skip over your website. Once we have written your review you can delete the password. We do not need permanent access. In fact our reviewers are quite busy with hundreds of sites waiting to be seen.
  12. Is this password information safe?
    It is kept on a password protected portion of our server. Only staff have access to it. Staff will never share these passwords with nonstaff.
  13. Which categories should I choose?
    Be sure to choose only categories that apply to you. The reviewer, and then finally the editor will make this decision, but they will listen to your suggestions. Keep in mind that your review will be based upon these selections. For example, if you choose "pics lesbians" you had better have pictures of multiple women together. Do not choose a category just because it looks like it may bring good traffic.
  14. Where do I have to put up your link?
    Our instructions state an "entry page". We mean a page that is on the way in for all of your surfers. This can be a warning page or a navigation page. But it must be on the way in.
  15. Can I load your page in my frameset?
    No, if you use frames your link to us should use a target=_top" or target="_new" attribute.
  16. May I quote your text?
    Yes, you may, with limitations. You must give an attribute that is hyperlinked to http://www.janesguide.com. You may only quote portions of a page up to the length of a review. Any quote with out a hyperlinked attribution or over 1 paragraph is considered outside of fair use and will be dealt with accordingly. If you are unsure get permission IN ADVANCE and in writing.
  17. I submitted my site "x" days ago where is my review?
    It takes a while. We are almost always at least one month behind. Sometimes as many as 3 months behind.
  18. But, I/we know you/y'all personally.
    When we receive a submission from a present or former friend/lover/spouse/roommate/Army buddy/neighbor/etc., we make sure that the submission goes to one of the staff who doesn't have that relationship, to ensure an honest and fair review.
  19. I thought that since I sent you a complimentary tshirt/book/CD/video/etc that I would get a better review.
    Of course, we appreciate such generous gestures but if you really feel that way why don't you not mention it ahead of time at all, and simply make the gesture after the review is posted. That way there'll be no guilt or expectations on either side.
  20. I have submitted my site half a dozen times and have never been reviewed. Whassup?
    Take another look over the suggestions and standards listed on our "Why didn't I get listed" page. If you have pop-up consoles, deceptive advertising, a billing company we've found to have shoddy practices, submitting a dozen times won't improve your odds. If you were sold a bill of goods by one of the "we'll make you rich using our ready-made porn sites" companies, you may be learning the hard way about the Darwinism of the net. If you truly feel that you have a credible and reputable site that has been ignored, drop a polite note to Jane and ask about it.
  21. I had a review up, but you dropped it, why didn't you email me?
    The two primary reasons we drop a link are; a) lack of a reciprocal link, b) the site came up as a dead link either a 404 error or a no DNS entry. In case a) we usually send an email if we have a valid email address. In case b) we do not. There simply is not time. If we do a dead link check and our bot says your site is down that is usually as far as we check. With 5,000 links up we do not have time to put even 15 minutes into researching each one.

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