Three Way

by Alison Tyler (editor)

reviewed by Lippy Imp on Thu 15 Dec 2005

I have found from personal experience that threesomes are like Communism: an intriguing idea on paper that can have disastrous results when practiced in the real world. If you’re at all like me in believing that the best place for a three-way is in your head, then I have good news. Three-Way, edited by Alison Tyler, is (to complete a bad analogy) like the Communist Manifesto in the best possible way. It’s so compelling and erotic that I briefly reconsidered my stance on multi-partner sex.

Alison Tyler again shows off her keen eye for quality erotica. From start to finish, this compilation is strong, nearly flawless. Like a great meal, Three-Way leaves the reader sated and yet still wanting more. It’s hard to pick a standout story because the quality of the writing is so consistent. “In Town on Business” by Zach Addams manages the difficult task of being both erotic and funny without breaking its sexy spell, and “Trepidation” by Rachel Kramer Bussel smolders, reading like the screenplay to your favorite dirty dream.

To see Alison Tyler’s name attached to superb collection of erotic stories is not a surprise, but with Three-Way, she raises the bar on even her own lofty standards. The end result is a book that disappoints only when it comes to an end.

Three Way by Alison Tyler (editor)
Available at
Cleis Press, August 2004, 232 pages