The French Maid

by Don and Debra Macleod

reviewed by Lippy Imp on Fri 23 Dec 2005

This is a bizarre little book written for women. The concept is simple: teach women how to introduce role-playing into their sex lives through the art of erotic storytelling. The authors claim that, by using the scripts provided in the book, that you can be “every woman for your man.”

There are 22 scenarios complete with dialogue, each one has the woman engaging her male partner in spoken fantasy and taking on the starring role. Most scenes involve a stereotypical male fantasy: Dad gives the lusty babysitter a “ride” home, the repairman is gang-raped during a late-night visit to a sorority house or winds up giving the uniformed girls at a private college a special “education”.

And this is ultimately the problem with The French Maid. The concept is great, but there is no creativity in its execution. Too many of the scenarios involve activities that, if practiced in real life, would make one person a criminal and the other a victim, which I found kind of creepy. The authors try to justify this in their introduction by stating that “people’s fantasies are rarely politically or morally correct.” Hmmm. Well, I guess if you’re interested unearthing your man’s fantasies of rape and molestation, this is the book for you. Otherwise, skip it.

The French Maid by Don and Debra Macleod
Available at
Broadway Books, 2005, paperback