Sex &… Submission, Seduction, Satisfaction

by Cathryn Cooper

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Sun 24 Jun 2007

sex and..

The titles Sex & Submission, Sex & Seduction, and Sex & Satisfaction make up a very sexy series published by Dufour Editions. Each book contains 20 erotic short stories from various authors, all edited by Cathryn Cooper.

With covers depicting very mildly erotic images (thigh-high leather boots, a cute little bottom covered in black panties and plump breasts spilling out of a black bra, if you are curious), these books could easily live on your bedside table.

In fact, I think that would be the perfect use for this series. Can you picture it? Each night before sleep, one partner picks out a story, then reads it aloud until the horniness is too great to ignore. Just imagine the sparks that would fly!

sex and...

As with just about any short-story collection, there’s a variation in quality and turn-on potential amongst the tales. Things that get your blood flowing may do nothing for me and the reverse. I know it’s prudish of me, but I get a bit squicked out by the idea of two strangers (who don’t speak the same language, even!) meeting on a train and gettin’ busy without protection. Ew, the germs! The disease! The unknown! A scene like that makes my skin crawl, even though I know in my head that it’s just fantasy, just words on a page. But for someone else, it might be the very epitome of pleasure.

sex and...

And that’s the nice thing about having such a large anthology of sexy stories from which to choose–there’s something for everyone, whether they like hard and fast outdoor encounters or lovingly sweet bedroom scenes. There’s a wide variety in this collection, although it rarely veers into edgy fetish territory.

Over the next several months, Cooper will be rolling out several other three-part sets of fun erotic books, each focusing on some other naughty deed. Enjoy them!

Sex &… Submission, Seduction, Satisfaction by Cathryn Cooper
Sex & Submission, Sex & Seduction, Sex & Satisfaction
available from Dufour Editions; or
call 1-800-869-5677 to order
$17.95 each
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"