Hearts Cracked Open (DVD)


reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Mon 20 Aug 2007


Hearts Cracked Open provides a tantalizing lesbian-focused introduction to the world of Tantric sex.

In 50 short minutes, Hearts Cracked Open walks you through the basics of Tantra. You’ll learn about Tantra’s healing benefits, some very basic instruction in how it is practiced, and glimpses into the bedrooms of female couples who incorporate Tantra into their intimacy.

The keyword here is “intimacy.” Hearts Cracked Open focuses on how lovers must open themselves to each other in order to have powerfully intimate sex. One of the instructors, Marcia Singer, says, “You can’t get off any bigger than you’re ready to have your heart cracked open.” This is demonstrated by couples connecting to each other with their eyes and their breathing before they begin touching in a way that would look sexual to the uninitiated.

Sexologist Annie Sprinkle makes appearances throughout the film extolling the virtues of Tantric sex; later, she demonstrates a hands-free “Fire Breath” orgasm that is a thing of beauty.

Possibly the best part of the Hearts Cracked Open is in one of the film’s bonus features. It’s a half-hour step by step demonstration of how Tantra can be used between a couple as a daily exercise in intimacy. It’s emphasized that Tantra practice is not about orgasms; instead, it’s about finding a deep spiritual connection with a partner. You’ll see a couple move through several phases of ever-increasing intimacy–from the practice of soul-gazing, to shared breath, then on to touching. A couple new to Tantra could easily play along at home with this section of the film.

You should not expect Hearts Cracked Open to provide either exhaustive instruction in the art of Tantra or an all-naked girlie fuck-fest. It is neither of these things. Instead, expect a calm, gentle introduction that will make you want to learn more about Tantric sex just as soon as you can.

Hearts Cracked Open (DVD) by
Available at Babeland
Director: Betsy Kalin
Released in 2006
Length: 50 minutes