The New Kama Sutra

by Randi Foxx

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Fri 5 Oct 2007

new kama sutra

If you’ve ever managed to sneak a glance at illustrations from the the original Kama Sutra, you know that the sexual positions discussed therein seem unimaginably difficult.

Bodies bend and contort in ways that seem frankly impossibly if not downright hazardous. Legs bent behind heads! Third (or fourth) parties offering assistance! Limbs knotted like pretzels! The lifting! The twisting! The lunging!

It looks exhausting. It makes you want to sigh in resignation, grab the remote and watch reruns of Law and Order instead of attempting such feats of sexuality.

The New Kama Sutra by Randi Fox offers an alternative to evenings spent on the couch bewailing your lack of sexual athleticism. Gorgeous Indian paintings are presented alongside modern photographs of a lovely couple engaged in modified (sometimes heavily modified) versions of the ancient positions.

Each set of images is accompanied by a short description pulled from the original Kama Sutra, along with instructions on how to make the more modern position enjoyable. In looking at the pairs of images, I found myself thinking, “Oh! That’s how it’s supposed to work!” and realizing that perhaps whoever created the original images was aiming more for salacity than realism.

Nothing wrong with salacity at all…but realism is nice when you want to try it yourself.

Not only does the book show a wide variety of sexual positions, but it also contains sections on intimacy, fun, kissing and oral pleasure.

Don’t expect vast amounts of photographic nudity in The New Kama Sutra. The modern couple is quite prim, all things considered. Breasts are shown but there’s no hint of genitals. Never you fear; the couples portrayed in the Indian paintings are a lot more exposed.

The New Kama Sutra would be fun to look through with a lover before an evening spent trying out intriguing positions. I’m betting you’ll find several that you’ll try more than once.

The New Kama Sutra by Randi Foxx
Available at Babeland
158 pages
Published 2006