Chemistry, Vol. 3

by Tristan Taormino

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 24 Oct 2007


I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of reality programs. There’s something that feels so very wrong about throwing people together (whether in house, tour bus or island), and then looking on with voyeuristic glee as they hash out their inevitable differences.

But when the people are porn actors and they are left alone in a beautiful house for 36 hours with no script, schedule or rules—well, that changes things! I’ll watch and then watch some more!

In her third film in the Chemistry series, Tristan Taormino gives a half-dozen gorgeous porn performers the time, location and cameras, then she lets them provide the action. This time around Taormino enlisted the participation of performers Roxy DeVille, Jada Fire, Hillary Scott, Christian, Derrick Pierce and Steven St. Croix. These actors are beautiful of course, but they also come across also as interesting and likable people.

I found myself listening with complete interest during the interview portions of the film. It was educational as well as humorous to hear each actor’s preferences, experiences and pet peeves. I found it charming to watch Roxy DeVille explore sex toys and demonstrate the finer points of vagina hygiene, let me tell you.

Interviews are all very good, you are probably thinking, but what about the sex? How was the sex?

The sex was, in a word, hot.

In standard porn, I’m certain that each of these performers is awesome. But in this situation, where they got to choose what to do and how to do it, their passion was outstanding.

You know what was my favorite part of the sex scenes? It was the laughter. The sex was flaming hot, but I loved how clear it was that these actors were having fun. They teased, they played, they giggled, they joked. It reminded me of the way my friend and I play in bed…er…if only my friend and I had killer bodies and had sex in a really cool house with modern furniture and a huge hot tub.

The only thing for me that was missing in this film was a male performer receiving ye olde anal luv from a female accomplice. Were there scenes of this nature in the first two Chemistry movies? Did I just happen upon the one Chemistry film lacking male anal? Color me just the tiniest bit disappointed at this. But not disappointed enough that I’ll never watch the film again.

Bonus features in this two-disc set include extensive image galleries, behind-the-scenes footage, an extra scene and a run-down of sex positions.

Tristan, I loved this film. I vote nobody off the island. Everyone moves on to the next round. No one has to go home. And I’m very much looking forward to Chemistry Volume 4.

Chemistry, Vol. 3 by Tristan Taormino
Available at Pucker
Produced by Smart Ass Productions and Vivid Entertainment
3.5 hours, 9 sex scenes, 1 hour bonus footage