Dirty Girls: Erotica for Women

by multiple authors, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Tue 29 Apr 2008

I just love a good dirty book. Recently my go-to dirty book has been Dirty Girls: Erotica for Women, edited by my pal Rachel Kramer Bussel.

This book traveled with me to a toddler class the other day. While my little ones sang, danced, painted and crafted, I sat on a bench outside of class and read dirty stories. “What are you reading?” one of the other mommies eventually asked me.

I’m sure I blushed. “Oh, it’s something for work,” I stammered, then handed it over to her. Eyes wide, she took in the cover photo (whoops, hadn’t noticed that barely-visible nipple before!), and then thumbed through the pages.

“This is for your work?” she asked me.

“I have a really cool job,” I apologized.

She skimmed through a few paragraphs here and there before handing it back to me. “I wish I had your job,” she said. “I’d love to read this.” I smiled and promised to hand over the book to her when I was done.

Dirty Girls contains 27 stories varying in heat from jalepeño to Scotch Bonnet. You’ll find all kinds of couplings, from hetero to gay to bi; and all degrees of commitment, from married couples to pure strangers. The sex ranges from sweet to blasphemous; you do not want to miss what one character does with her rosary, the naughty minx.

I most appreciate erotica when the fantasy encounters maintain some degree of reality. Call me a prude if you will, but I like it when I can picture myself in the same positions and situations as our protagonists. Descriptions of unsafe or contortionist sex just don’t do it for me, and I found that the stories in Dirty Girls told of fantasy sex that was still within the realm of the possible.

One of the best examples of that was Rachel Kramer Bussel’s own contribution to the collection, “Icy Hot.” A quick trip to the store for a bag of ice turns into an erotic encounter with a stranger. It’s a simple set-up that left me wishing I’d read it at home in bed instead of in front of a group of mommies chatting about their carpools, cell phones and shopping trips.

Here, have a taste:

With his left hand, he began rubbing one piece of ice against my nipple, which reacted immediately. With the other, he roamed along my inner thighs. I wrapped my ankles around the legs of the chair, curling my toes for good measure, spreading myself as wide as possible for what I hoped would be the ultimate invasion. He teased me so well, I thought I might break the chair. He went everywhere with that ice but where I needed him the most.

Yeah. I need me summa that.

Thank you, Rachel Kramer Bussel, for putting together a collection classy enough to be read in public yet steamy enough that I longed for the privacy of my bedroom (and the ministrations of my Hitachi).

*Check out interviews with the authors and more story excerpts on the book’s official site.

Dirty Girls: Erotica for Women by multiple authors, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Available at Amazon.com
Seal Press, 220 pages