TransEntities: The Nasty Love of Papi and Wil

by Morty Diamond, director

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 9 Jul 2008

Please forgive my language when I say that OH FUCK this film is hot.

New York City-based filmmaker, performance artist and author Morty Diamond directs TransEntities: The Nasty Love of Papì and Wil, available through Babeland.  In nearly an hour of footage filmed in their own home, we get to see the title characters engaged in both intimate discussion and flaming hot sex.

We’ll get to the flaming hot sex in just a moment, but first let’s focus on the discussions.  In a Tony Comstock-esque set-up, Diamond introduces us to Papì and Wil, a committed trans-couple whose relationship defies easy labeling.

Both are female-bodied (they feel no need at the moment for surgery or hormonal assistance) but have identified at various times as male, female, both, neither, and who-really-cares because they love each other so much. They practice elements of bondage, discipline and power exchange.  Their relationship also is open to another partner, a woman named Chris who does not hear.

Their discussions are interspersed between sex scenes and cover everything from their gender fluidity, sexual preferences, race, culture, religion, and the future.  I’d love to see more porn where trans-people — or heck, let’s dream big and say any performers — are shown as more than bodies going through the motions.  I love getting glimpses into why relationships works, what brought the partners together, and how their kinks mesh.

The film consists of three long scenes.  The first focuses only on Papì and Wil, who play hard with erotic hitting, dual strap-ons and a four-digit finger bang that just about soaked me as I wiggled with pleasure on the other side of the screen.

Next we get to watch as Papì and Wil work together to dominate Chris.  There’s a little tit-torture, a lot of oral and even more strap-on play.  Watching these players wield strap-ons with such skill brought me pleasure both physical and cerebral.

Finally we’re treated to a scene of play-rape between Papì and Wil, complete with costumes, bondage and toys.  This was the most intense scene in the film, and it definitely made my eyes widen with something like fear.  But the pre-planning and aftercare, something not usually seen in porn, were amazing to watch.

I loved the aspects of safer sex built into their play.  Fingering with gloves?  Hot.  Fingering with black glovesSuper hot.  Using plenty of lube?  Oh baby, I love that.

They use one of my all-time favorite butt-toys, the gorgeous Njoy Pure Plug, and one of the most delicious vibrators in existence, the Wahl.  Those orgasms you’ll get to see in the scene with Chris?  Yep, that’s what the Wahl does.

TransEntities: The Nasty Love of Papì and Wil should be in your porn collection if you like watching hot, real sex between extraordinary partners.

TransEntities: The Nasty Love of Papi and Wil by Morty Diamond, director
Available at Babeland
2007, 55 minutes