Flagrante Delicto

by Will Santillo

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Sun 27 Jul 2008

Of course I ripped into Flagrante Delicto, available through Santillo Studios, the first second I found myself alone after it was delivered. Do you blame me?  A gorgeous, coffee-table-book sized tome filled with photographic art of naked people?  I couldn’t keep my eyes off it.

I thumbed through it with hands shaking until I got to page 49.  Page 49 left me transfixed.  I turned to the computer and emailed the artist, Will Santillo.  “Is that fisting on page 49?” I asked him.

He wrote back almost instantly.  “It’s dusting with gushing!”

My eyebrows went up.  Dusting?  I’d never heard of a sexual practice called dusting.  I examined page 49 more closely before writing Mr. Santillo back again.  “What’s dusting?” I asked.  He’s going to think I’m a fraud, I worried.  A person writing about sex who doesn’t know what dusting is?  Scandalous!

Within moments, however, the very generous Mr. Santillo assured me that he’d intended to type “fisting,” not dusting, and I relaxed back into my (very hearty) enjoyment of his book.

Santillo worked in the fashion, architecture and computer programming fields before turning his talents to erotic photography.  The images in Flagrante Delicto capture the heat between gorgeous bodies in their most intimate moments…including the aforementioned fisting.

In the book you’ll find intense scenes between couples and groups, both same gender and mixed genders.  Some fairly mild fetish content is shown, including a bit of bondage.  There’s a clear sense of action in Santillo’s work.  The models look less like they are posing for pictures and more like they are carrying on with their naughty selves no matter who might be capturing them on film.

If I had to give one criticism, it would be this:  I wish that more variations in physique had been pictured in Flagrante Delicto.  Show me a big girl gettin’ busy.  Show me a man with a subtle paunch.  Show me someone — anyone! — who doesn’t look like they spend all their non-naked hours walking fashion down the runway.  Next time, maybe?  Please?

Despite this small criticism, I adored Flagrante Delicto.  I’m more than a little tempted to strip off the dust jacket to reveal the book’s sedate black cloth cover.  I’d then leave it out on my coffee table next time my especially stuffy pals stop by.

I think they might just love it.


For more information and sample pages from the book, click here.


Update, 7-31-2008

In an email from the author, he shared this: “…all the sexual encounters were with real people (non-professional models) with real bodies – yes indeed, there are curvy gals in there and portly bellied gentlemen. One of the interesting benifits of my blurry technique is that body shapes tend to merge and blur our the perspectives a bit. And! Everybody volunteered, there were no paid performance sex anywhere in the book, and all the sex was very real indeed!”

Thank you, Mr. Santillo!

Flagrante Delicto by Will Santillo
Available Through Santillo Studios
Hardcover, 12 x 12.75 in., 156 pages, 125 images