Congrats to Tammy, winner of the weekend’s ‘Toys for Boys’ drawing – I’ve been sitting here wrapping up presents this past hour here at the office, but I have lots more goodies to give away before I’m done, so enter one of the random drawings already! :) Next prize pack up: a Rock Chick, a copy of the DVD Urban Friction, and a JanesGuide t-shirt. :)

rock chick

The Rock Chick:This U-shaped toy has a hooked end for G-spot pleasure and a wider ridged end for clitoral and labia stimulation. Rocking the toy forward and back nudges the G-spot and rubs the clitoris at the same time–a proven combination. You can also heat up this silicone toy with hot tap water for comforting warmth or cool it down for an icy chill. Includes a vibrator and three watch batteries. Insertable length: 4″, diameter at widest point: 1″.


urban friction

Urban Friction: An adult tale of love and sex in the big city from the award-winning directors of LIBIDO Films. When it comes to sex, new lovers Mika and Poochie both get off on the idea of pushing one another’s boundaries. So just for fun, each agrees to make a favorite fantasy come true. Mika maintains her end of the bargain by gifting Poochie to a cruel mistress. But Poochie gets cold feet when Mika finally reveals what she wants — to be the middle of a male sandwich. When his girlfriend isn’t around, Poochie lives up to his doggy name and thinks the best way to resist temptation is to give in to it immediately. Knowing full well that guys will be guys… Mika seeks advice from her more experienced girlfriend on how to have her cake and Poochie, too.

As always, this prize pack will include one of our new JanesGuide t-shirts.

To enter this time: Leave a comment below on how you found JanesGuide. :)
Comment by: Midnight Wednesday, Dec. 5th
Retail Value: $114

Happy holidays!