Congrats to Summer, winner of our most recent contest (a Rock Chick and a copy of Urban Friction). Next up, the Size Queen package. I was surprised to realize that I didn’t have the term in my Janeology section, but I’ll add it. What is it? Well, the term originated in the gay community to describe a man who liked very large cocks. Now like lots of terms, it’s been co-opted to describe anyone (male or female) who likes big cocks (or, in this case, big dildos).

Prizes include: the Brando dildo from Vixen Creations. I LOVE Vixen dildos, they’re super high-quality, gorgeous silicone. I will admit that I have this particular toy in the red/black swirl combo. It doesn’t get pulled out often, but oh my when it does! Then if you’re really going for it, I’ve thrown in a Tristan butt plug, also made by Vixen Creations, and lastly my very favorite little vibe of all time, the WaterDancer, which is a waterproof version of the pocket rocket.

prize pack 4

Like always, you get to pick a JanesGuide tshirt to go with the rest of your goodies, and I’ll wrap everything up all Christmasey and send it out. :)

Retail value for this prize pack: $171
Comment to enter by: Noon Friday, the 7th of December
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