Congrats to Lorelei, Dana and Subnouveau, winners of the 3 Nea vibes over the weekend! They’re totally cute little toys…

Now on to this prize, remember to keep on entering – the odds of winning are pretty darn good right now. :) The current prize up is sweet: you’ll get a GoodVibes brand G-twist silicone vibe, GV Brand waterproof “Jungle Smoothie” vibe, lube and batteries all in a DevineToys locking pink toy satchel! And of course a JG t-shirt. :)

The toy satchels are really nice, I actually have this one also – although I will say the lock isn’t exactly strong. It’ll keep out the merely curious, but not someone who’s willing to break it.

Total retail: $165ish
Comment by: Noonish Wednesday the 12th of Dec.
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