Congrats to Kristina, the last drawing winner for the month of December. I still have more goodies, so I’ll re-start the giveaways at the beginning of February, to celebrate Valentine’s Day. :)

I am still getting everything out, I have about six packages left to send. I was wondering if there was any interest in tshirts for sale – if so, let me know and I’ll try to get a little e-store type thing set up.

So here it is, New Year’s Eve Day. I am celebrating having made today the final payment to my former partner for this little website. As of tomorrow it’s 100% mine again, which is making me very happy. I’m contemplating whether or not to make a new year’s “resolution”, something I don’t normally do because I think it jinxes things. And I’m thinking maybe I should keep blogging only to tell you all very random things that I want to share… but then they are unimportant random things. Such as?

1. Villainess is my new favorite indulgence, replacing the long-time favorite Lush. Heather is a good and true friend, who saw fit to gift me with some Smooch for Christmas, which led of course to me buying bunches of Smooch of various kinds because I think every women in my life needs to try it. (Kristina, today’s winner? I’ll send you a little Smooch sample with your prize.)

2. You know your remodel has been going on for too long when you have a sex dream about a threesome with your contractor, your husband and yourself. Although it was a smoking hot dream, heh.

3. My lovely kitchen is done, and has been christened by having our first party. The rest of the remodel will be another 3 months probably, but now I don’t care because I intend to live in my kitchen. This probably will mean that any weight loss new year’s resolution will be doomed to fail.

So: what’s YOUR new year’s resolution?

Happy 2008!!!!