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AB, Adult Babies

a fetish for regression into an infant/toddler state through dress (including diapers), roleplaying, and being rendered helpless to a Mommy/Nanny; the formal title for this fetish is “paraphilic infantilsm”; it can manifest itself in many ways but revolves around the ideas of giving up control to Mommy, wearing diapers and other baby clothes, playing with other ABs, being stripped of responsibility, and sometimes, exhibitionism; ABs need a Mommy/Nanny to help take care of them, to feed them, clothe them, change their diapers and check for diaper rash, play with them, and to discipline them when necessary


slang for a bisexual


nope, not an automated teller machine in the adult world, rather it’s “ass to mouth”, a reference to an adult performer going from anal sex to oral sex without – uh – cleaning up in between. Highly unsafe sexual practice, and apparently high eroticized by some people because of it. While we list sites that include that content, it’s important to realize that is extremely risky behavior for STDs.


acronym for bondage and discipline


Big, beautiful woman. I’ve seen this term used by some webmasters to describe any woman over a size 6, but I tend to think you have to at least be shopping at Lane Bryant to qualify. Generally used by BBWs to describe themselves, and you can tell an asshole clueless webmaster when he uses other words like “fatty”, “plumper”, etc.


broad term for sexual predilections involving power exchange, sadomasochism, and/or bondage. The letters in this acronym can be constructed using the subsets of this catch all:
B&D = bondage & discipline
D/s = Domination & submission
S&M = sadism & masochism

practitioners of BDSM have many different triggers including humiliation, physical pain, endurance, and restraint

CBT, C&B Torture, cock & ball torture

painful stimulation of a male’s balls and penis using binds, needles, clamps, burning balms, candles, and blunt force


Acronym for “clothed female, naked male”, a genre of porn with slight power exchange feel that is quickly gaining popularity.

double penetration, DP

for a woman, this most commonly refers to being penetrated by cocks (or dildos) in both her vagina and ass at the same time; for a man (and rarely, for a woman) it can also refer to penetration in the mouth and ass


Used in escort terminology, it stands for “girlfriend experience”, an escort who is going to try to give you a friendly, girlfriend-like date.


abbreviation for “humiliation and discipline”


abbreviation for the BDSM relationship, Master and slave


acronym/slang for “Mother I’d Like to Fuck”


you’ll sometimes see this used in reviews to denote “one time charge” – a site that offers a single month (or other term) access without automatically renewing/billing you.


point-of-view. Lots of times you’ll see this in reviews when we’re describing content that was shot by the person engaged in the sex act – you know the type I’m talking about, like a blowjob video or photo set all shot by the guy getting the blowjob.

Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK)

one school of thought in the BDSM community to define the parameters of play; RACK acknowledges that most BDSM activities have risks for those participating but as long as everyone is fully aware of those risks and still enters the play, then the activity is ethically acceptable


abbreviation for “sadism and masochism”


acronym for transexual and transvestite


acronym for “Wet and Messy”, which eroticizes women (or men) getting goopy – mudwrestling, pies in the face, whipped cream, any number of things.


acronym for “Your Kink Is OK”; used as a symbol of inclusiveness with clubs, organizations, websites, and on personal ads