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slang for a sex act where both partners are stimulating the other with their mouths


term for anal intercourse (either homosexual, heterosexual, or strap-on play) where the recipient is on his/her back with knees drawn up to their chest and touching their shoulders


a term for female ejaculation that has its roots in tantric sex practices


kissing, licking, or penetrating an asshole with the tongue

angry dragon

slang for when sperm shoots out of one’s nose after giving a blow job



around the world

licking or kissing the entire body before commencing with a further sex act; in Dominant-submissive situations, there may be no further sex act beyond oral worship

asymmetric bondage

the act of restraint that is uneven and asymmetrical, causing the bound person to be disoriented and off balance; this type of bondage can cause intense psychological reactions.


nope, not an automated teller machine in the adult world, rather it’s “ass to mouth”, a reference to an adult performer going from anal sex to oral sex without – uh – cleaning up in between. Highly unsafe sexual practice, and apparently high eroticized by some people because of it. While we list sites that include that content, it’s important to realize that is extremely risky behavior for STDs.


the ability to perform (or the act of performing) oral sex on one’s own vagina


the ability to perform (and the act of performing) oral sex on one’s own penis


the rare act of (& ability to!) a man inserting his own penis into his asshole


slang for anal sex while the person is on his/her stomach and being penetrated from behind


slang for fellatio


slang for having sex without using a condom


a type of pain play that involves causing pain to the soles of the feet; whips, crops, paddles, fire, and sharp pins are common tools used to inflict the pain


Japanese term that has migrated to English-speaking fetish circles referring to a circle of men jerking off onto a person in the middle


castration is any action, surgical, chemical or otherwise, that results in the removal/loss of use of the testes rendering him sterile; male-to-female transexuals sometimes undergo castration as part of their gender reassignment; there is also a fetish that fantasizes about and sometimes actually undergoes castration

CBT, C&B Torture, cock & ball torture

painful stimulation of a male’s balls and penis using binds, needles, clamps, burning balms, candles, and blunt force

corporal punishment

spanking used for punishment (rather than for the mere “pleasure” of the physical sensation); the punishments are often placed into a domestic setting, whether fantasized or based in reality


a cuckold is a married man with a sexually unfaithful wife; in BDSM, cuckolding is used for humiliation and sissification


oral sex performed on a vagina


sensation play involving the use of small glass or plastic cups which are placed over the skin and then evacuated to create a vacuum

double penetration, DP

for a woman, this most commonly refers to being penetrated by cocks (or dildos) in both her vagina and ass at the same time; for a man (and rarely, for a woman) it can also refer to penetration in the mouth and ass


forcing water or another liquid (ie. soap, lemon juice, cod liver oil) into the anus and subsequently the bowel or lower intestine via a nozzle/tube; enemas can be given for sexual arousal, for cleansing purposes, or for humiliation of bottoms

face sitting

slang for when a woman (most often a Mistress) smothers a man with her ass; also called “queening”


slang for intentionally ejaculating all over someone’s face (rather than aiming for their mouth)


slang for sucking/licking semen out of an asshole


inserting ginger root into the vagina or asshole to create a burning sensation


the act of inserting an entire first into a vagina or anus and using it to fuck that person; considered a sexual feat and is often used as punishment for slaves (especially in the ass)


broad term for any type of whipping, spanking, caning, flogging, etc

golden screw

watersports play when a man pisses inside a woman’s vagina while fucking her

golden shower

the act of urinating on someone else for either sexual arousal or to humiliate them

hot karl

slang for shitting in a person’s mouth

jilling off

a term used to describe women masturbating, instead of “jacking off”


either stroking a man’s cock and bringing him to orgasm and then continuing to stroke him hard (and to orgasm) again and again..
Using dildos, electronic stimuli, or fingering of the prostate to cause ejaculation without stroking the penis or allowing orgasm

mutual masturbation

the act of two or more persons masturbating at the same time for the pleasure of each other


if you don’t know this one, then you definitely need JanesGuide!

over the knee, OTK

spanking done with the recipient bent over the spanker’s lap, often done in corporal punishment and/or family play scenes

pearl necklace

slang for cumming across a woman’s chest


the act of a Mistress sitting, bareassed or clothed, on her submissive’s face for extended periods of time (turning the slut’s face into a throne for the “Queen”); some Mistresses stay mindful of allowing the slave to breath easily while others (with the consent/acknowledgement of the slave) incorporate breath control in this play

rusty trombone

slang for tonguing a man’s ass while also jerking off his dick


Licking or sucking another person’s toes for sexual arousal (not in servitude)


kissing someone in order to transfer semen from mouth to mouth


kissing a man immediately after he ejaculates in your mouth, without leaking any of his semen


anal intercourse; often used in a derogatory manner

soft swap

allowing your partner to fuck someone else but only while you are present

tea bagging

slang for lowering a man’s testicles into his partner’s mouth


to lavish attention, honor, and adoration towards a Mistress or Master, often through words, tongue bathing, gifts, and acting as a human throne or footstool