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castration is any action, surgical, chemical or otherwise, that results in the removal/loss of use of the testes rendering him sterile; male-to-female transexuals sometimes undergo castration as part of their gender reassignment; there is also a fetish that fantasizes about and sometimes actually undergoes castration

Catherine’s Wheel

a large, upright wheel, usually made of wood, to which a person may be bound and then rotated to any position


a thin, flexible tube designed to be inserted in the urethra for use in medical play

CBT, C&B Torture, cock & ball torture

painful stimulation of a male’s balls and penis using binds, needles, clamps, burning balms, candles, and blunt force


Acronym for “clothed female, naked male”, a genre of porn with slight power exchange feel that is quickly gaining popularity.

chastity belt

a device intended to restrict contact with or stimulation of the genitals; female chastity belts are usually a lockable harness that fits like a pair of underwear; male chastity belts usually include a locking enclosure that fits around the penis

clover clamp

a specific type of nipple clamp with a lever and cord that allows to pressure to be increased and decreased

cock ring

a toy that encircles the penis, used for both pain and pleasure stimulation; can include vibration, hot/cold temperature play, increasing pressure, and chastity mechanisms

cock tease, prick tease

a woman (often times a younger woman) who dresses and behaves provocatively in order to induce arousal in a male but then denies him satisfaction


Another term for a “popup”, a browser window that opens automatically. These are common in both adult sites and non-adult sites, and there are ways you can block these, although in our reviews we mention sites that use them.

corporal punishment

spanking used for punishment (rather than for the mere “pleasure” of the physical sensation); the punishments are often placed into a domestic setting, whether fantasized or based in reality


United Kingdom slang term that refers to the practice of men looking for same-sex partners in public restrooms.


a cuckold is a married man with a sexually unfaithful wife; in BDSM, cuckolding is used for humiliation and sissification


oral sex performed on a vagina


sensation play involving the use of small glass or plastic cups which are placed over the skin and then evacuated to create a vacuum

custom videos

many women and men offer custom videos for sale – you send them your specifications, scenario, costume preferences and so on, and they create a video just for the customer.