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face sitting

slang for when a woman (most often a Mistress) smothers a man with her ass; also called “queening”


slang for intentionally ejaculating all over someone’s face (rather than aiming for their mouth)

family play

fantasy exploration of sexual relations between family member; also known as incest fantasy

fan fiction

the precursor to Slash fiction, fan fiction has roots in the cancellation of Star Trek, which caused fans to start writing their own fiction featuring those characters. Fan Fiction is anything with well known media characters, there are websites for both G rated and “adult” fan fiction.


slang for sucking/licking semen out of an asshole

FemDom, FemDomme, Feminatrix, Domina, Domme

A Female Dominant


“fetish” can actually be applied to any affection for or fixation on a specific act, object, idea, or person; it needn’t be a sexual connotation; sexual fetishes are actions, objects, persons, or ideas that serve as triggers for sexual arousal


a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to a specific object, article of clothing or body part


inserting ginger root into the vagina or asshole to create a burning sensation


the act of inserting an entire first into a vagina or anus and using it to fuck that person; considered a sexual feat and is often used as punishment for slaves (especially in the ass)


broad term for any type of whipping, spanking, caning, flogging, etc

flash fiction

the little sister to the short story, flash fiction is a genre in which the story should be told in 100 words or less. Word count opinions vary though, you’ll find people calling anything from 75 to 1,500 words “flash”.

fluffer, fluffing

typically refers to a person (man or woman) who performs oral sex on a porn actor to prepare him for his next scene; can also be used in BDSM/kink play, forcing sluts to prepare lovers for their Mistress, or cuckholded husbands preparing lovers for their wives

foot fetish

someone who eroticizes feet. I’ve talked to people with any number of various preferences when it comes to how they like to view feet, from those who have a thing for a certain kind of shoe, to pedicure, to type of toes.

forced feminization

forcing a submissive man to take on the qualities of the female gender through dress, speech, actions, sexual practices, and even urination; this can be done through sheer command, blackmail, pain, or coersion; also known as sissification and, after training, can often end in “coming out” events for further humiliation in front of masculine men and other Dominant women


fetish for turning humans into furniture, through elaborate bondage, etc.

fountain of Venus

watersports play between women

friction booth

an electronic device that a person stands against or lays down on which passes a slight current through their body; another person then touches them, producing tingling sensations


the act of rubbing or humping against another person; often it is done while clothed in various costumes, from fetish wear to animal costumes


Well, some people use this to describe women who don’t shave (otherwise known as hirsute) and some people use it to describe overly hairy men. Take your pick.