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a fairly new term to describe the “male G-spot”: stimulating the male prostate via anal penetration


a person who is attracted to all genders and all forms of sex

pearl necklace

slang for cumming across a woman’s chest

penis pump

suction pump that the penis is inserted into and then pumping to remove air from the chamber and thus stimulate (and enlarge) the penis


any sexual intercourse that involves the penis (anal, oral, or vaginal)


chemicals created by the body that are released by animals (including humans) to cause physical attraction

pink sock

when the colon extends beyond the asshole after anal sex


edge play of drawing blood with a blade

piss play

fetish play that involves urine, either in mutual/playful or in BDSM scenes


the act of being in a loving, intimate relationship with more than one person


being married to more than one person at a time; most polygamists are men and must operate outside the law, concealing their practice

pony play

roleplay during which a submissive pretends to be a pony; this includes wearing a saddle, bit, and bridle, being ridden, being brushed and groomed, wearing an attached tail, and only neighing instead of speaking

pony training

training a person to (1) act as a horse or (2) be obedient as a trained horse


a liquid aphrodisiac/stimulant that is inhaled; the term “poppers” comes from the fact that it often comes in capsules that are “popped” open to release the stimulant


Getting caught in a tornado of never ending pop up windows while attempting to find a quality porn site.


point-of-view. Lots of times you’ll see this in reviews when we’re describing content that was shot by the person engaged in the sex act – you know the type I’m talking about, like a blowjob video or photo set all shot by the guy getting the blowjob.

Power Exchange, Total Power Exchange

describes the relationship between a Dominant and submissive; “Total Power Exchange” is used to describe long term relationships that retain the frames of D/s


any physical means used to prevent pregnancy, most often used in reference to a condom

PVC (polyvinylchloride)

plastic material used in fetish wear