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abbreviation for “sadism and masochism”

sadism, sadist

sexual arousal from infliction pain or humilation on another person


sexual practices where an individual derives pleasure from inflicting pain or humiliation onto others or oneself

safe sex

sexual intercourse that involves the use of some type of protection against disease and pregnancy, most often through the use of condoms or dental dams

safe word

word decided upon before play that the bottom can use at any time during a BDSM session to stop the action (Can also be a non-verbal signal for gagged play)


The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex (coined by Dan Savage), see extended reference at


slang for feces


intricate form of Japanese bondage that combines restraint and stimulation bondage. Often can also include assymetrical tying methods; practioners study bondage techniques extensively and consider the act of, the aesthetics of, and the sensations of being bound in these forms are all important parts of the fetish experience


Licking or sucking another person’s toes for sexual arousal (not in servitude)

slash fiction

Definition from Wikipedia: fan fiction, describing gay pairings between media characters, often in explicit detail, and very frequently outside the canon of the source. The name arises from the use of the slash character in phrases such as ‘Kirk/Spock’ to describe the stories. (’Kirk/Spock’ is widely thought to be the first type of slash fiction, first appearing in the 1970s in Star Trek fanzines.)


bottom/submissive; person who gives control over to a specific Dominant


kissing someone in order to transfer semen from mouth to mouth


kissing a man immediately after he ejaculates in your mouth, without leaking any of his semen


anal intercourse; often used in a derogatory manner

soft swap

allowing your partner to fuck someone else but only while you are present

spanish fly

slang for an aphrodisiac substance


slang for “Wet and Messy Fetish” (aka WAM); arousal from either being covered or covering another’s body with food, mud, shaving cream, and any other messy items; some sploshers have a specific fetish for one type of food (ie. pudding or tomato sauce) while others simply like to play with whatever messy foods and substances are available… the messier the better!

spreader bar

a rod/bar that is attached to both ankles, forcing the legs apart

St. Andrew’s Cross

bondage equipment in the shape of an X. Bottoms are bound by each limb to the 4 “spokes” of the X; they are then either left for long periods of time or flogged… or both!


bondage equipment that models old-fashioned stockades; wrists and neck are uncomfortably locked between two wooden planks for long spells of time

suspension rack

bondage equipment that can take several forms; used to suspend a bottom above the floor (unsupported so the binds pull) for endurance, bondage, and pain play


name for a person who can take on both dominant and submissive roles, depending on their mood, the kink, and/or their partner