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slang for the sensitive area of skin that lies between the asshole and the vagina/scrotum

tea bagging

slang for lowering a man’s testicles into his partner’s mouth

TENS unit

electrical stimulis device originally intended for us by chiropractors for muscle work; used in electrical play by Tops on bottoms to cause involuntary muscle spasms


the Dominant person in a BDSM or D/s relationship who retains control and power over their bottom


catch-all term for people who express and/or consider themselves to be different from their birth-assigned gender; this includes transexuals, crossgender practicioners, transvestites, drag kinks & queens, and purposeful androgynous people


a person who dresses and acts as a member of the opposite sex


acronym for transexual and transvestite


slang for an effeminate gay man