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ankle cuffs

bondage mechanisms specifically designed for the ankles, often made of leather; they can also be made of metal, wood, or fabric and can either be used as symbols, in conjunction with loose chains or a spreader bar, or to bind someone in place to a fixed object/wall


a bondage garmet that looks like one long sleeve; both arms are trapped inside and bound even more tightly using laces, straps, and buttons; arms are often bound behind the back and the binder is often used along with other restraints to prevent getting free

ball hood

an extreme restraint hood with no holes for eyes or ears and a pump mechanism that inflates pockets to eliminate any wiggle room and to render the hooded sub unable to see, hear, or speak


a term to describe someone with a balloon fetish. There are two distinct camps to balloon fetishists – some who love it when the balloons are popped (between breasts or thighs, etc) and those who absolutely do NOT WANT the balloon to pop, but merely to bulge.

PVC (polyvinylchloride)

plastic material used in fetish wear