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butterfly chair

a chair with two boards to bind the legs to. When the legs are bound, they can then be rotated in and out to spread the legs far apart

Catherine’s Wheel

a large, upright wheel, usually made of wood, to which a person may be bound and then rotated to any position


fetish for turning humans into furniture, through elaborate bondage, etc.

friction booth

an electronic device that a person stands against or lays down on which passes a slight current through their body; another person then touches them, producing tingling sensations

inversion table

piece of bondage equipment to which a person is strapped and then rotated so that they can be upside down, tilted down, or upright without their control

kneeling bench

a bench, often only a foot from the floor, constructed of wood and usually not padded… used for endurance tests when slaves are made to kneel on it for an extended period of time… also used to position submissives for punishments

St. Andrew’s Cross

bondage equipment in the shape of an X. Bottoms are bound by each limb to the 4 “spokes” of the X; they are then either left for long periods of time or flogged… or both!


bondage equipment that models old-fashioned stockades; wrists and neck are uncomfortably locked between two wooden planks for long spells of time

suspension rack

bondage equipment that can take several forms; used to suspend a bottom above the floor (unsupported so the binds pull) for endurance, bondage, and pain play

vault horse

bondage equipment used mostly for spanking play; a bottom/submissive is bent over the horse and tied or cuffed in place, leaving their ass, back, and thighs vulnerable for spanking and flogging