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slang for a sex act where both partners are stimulating the other with their mouths


term for anal intercourse (either homosexual, heterosexual, or strap-on play) where the recipient is on his/her back with knees drawn up to their chest and touching their shoulders


slang for a bisexual


slang for a tiny penis

angel, john

slang for a man who hires a prostitute for sex

angry dragon

slang for when sperm shoots out of one’s nose after giving a blow job

around the world

licking or kissing the entire body before commencing with a further sex act; in Dominant-submissive situations, there may be no further sex act beyond oral worship


slang for an older homosexual who is no longer considered to be a hot commodity among the beauty-conscious gay community


slang for anal sex while the person is on his/her stomach and being penetrated from behind


slang for fellatio

balloon knot

slang for the anus


slang for having sex without using a condom


primarily used in the Gay male leather community to describe big, hairy guys.


United Kingdom slang term that refers to the practice of men looking for same-sex partners in public restrooms.

double penetration, DP

for a woman, this most commonly refers to being penetrated by cocks (or dildos) in both her vagina and ass at the same time; for a man (and rarely, for a woman) it can also refer to penetration in the mouth and ass


slang for intentionally ejaculating all over someone’s face (rather than aiming for their mouth)

family play

fantasy exploration of sexual relations between family member; also known as incest fantasy


slang for sucking/licking semen out of an asshole


the act of inserting an entire first into a vagina or anus and using it to fuck that person; considered a sexual feat and is often used as punishment for slaves (especially in the ass)

fluffer, fluffing

typically refers to a person (man or woman) who performs oral sex on a porn actor to prepare him for his next scene; can also be used in BDSM/kink play, forcing sluts to prepare lovers for their Mistress, or cuckholded husbands preparing lovers for their wives

fountain of Venus

watersports play between women


the act of rubbing or humping against another person; often it is done while clothed in various costumes, from fetish wear to animal costumes


Well, some people use this to describe women who don’t shave (otherwise known as hirsute) and some people use it to describe overly hairy men. Take your pick.

golden screw

watersports play when a man pisses inside a woman’s vagina while fucking her


Another word for WAM (Wet and Messy) fetish, which involves people getting gunked up with mud, oil, creampie, you name it.

half & half

performing both a rim job and a blow job in one sexual encounter

Hot dog in a bun

slang for uncircumcised penis

hot karl

slang for shitting in a person’s mouth


slang for semen

jilling off

a term used to describe women masturbating, instead of “jacking off”

jism, jizz

slang for semen


a term to describe someone with a balloon fetish. There are two distinct camps to balloon fetishists – some who love it when the balloons are popped (between breasts or thighs, etc) and those who absolutely do NOT WANT the balloon to pop, but merely to bulge.

lot lizard

prostitute who works in parking lots or truck stops


acronym/slang for “Mother I’d Like to Fuck”


slang for a person considered to be ugly


slang for a gay man who is very hairy, but too small (in frame size) to be called a bear.

over the knee, OTK

spanking done with the recipient bent over the spanker’s lap, often done in corporal punishment and/or family play scenes


a fairly new term to describe the “male G-spot”: stimulating the male prostate via anal penetration

pearl necklace

slang for cumming across a woman’s chest

pink sock

when the colon extends beyond the asshole after anal sex


a liquid aphrodisiac/stimulant that is inhaled; the term “poppers” comes from the fact that it often comes in capsules that are “popped” open to release the stimulant


Getting caught in a tornado of never ending pop up windows while attempting to find a quality porn site.


slang for air escaping from the vagina, often during sexual intercourse and especially during orgasm

red wings

slang for someone who has given oral sex to a woman who is menstruating

rim job

slang for tonguing an asshole (but not necessarily penetrating it)

rusty trombone

slang for tonguing a man’s ass while also jerking off his dick


The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex (coined by Dan Savage), see extended reference at


slang for feces


Licking or sucking another person’s toes for sexual arousal (not in servitude)


kissing someone in order to transfer semen from mouth to mouth


kissing a man immediately after he ejaculates in your mouth, without leaking any of his semen

spanish fly

slang for an aphrodisiac substance


slang for the sensitive area of skin that lies between the asshole and the vagina/scrotum

tea bagging

slang for lowering a man’s testicles into his partner’s mouth


slang for an effeminate gay man


slang/code for “gay”