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slang for a bisexual

androgyny, androgynous

a representation (usually through dress, speech, and demeanor) that is a balanced mix of both female and male identity

angel, john

slang for a man who hires a prostitute for sex


slang for an older homosexual who is no longer considered to be a hot commodity among the beauty-conscious gay community


Big, beautiful woman. I’ve seen this term used by some webmasters to describe any woman over a size 6, but I tend to think you have to at least be shopping at Lane Bryant to qualify. Generally used by BBWs to describe themselves, and you can tell an asshole clueless webmaster when he uses other words like “fatty”, “plumper”, etc.


primarily used in the Gay male leather community to describe big, hairy guys.


the person in a BDSM relationship who is the recipient of the bondage, discipline, and sadism; a bottom is not necessarily submissive

cock tease, prick tease

a woman (often times a younger woman) who dresses and behaves provocatively in order to induce arousal in a male but then denies him satisfaction


a cuckold is a married man with a sexually unfaithful wife; in BDSM, cuckolding is used for humiliation and sissification

FemDom, FemDomme, Feminatrix, Domina, Domme

A Female Dominant


Well, some people use this to describe women who don’t shave (otherwise known as hirsute) and some people use it to describe overly hairy men. Take your pick.


Used in escort terminology, it stands for “girlfriend experience”, an escort who is going to try to give you a friendly, girlfriend-like date.


a term to describe someone with a balloon fetish. There are two distinct camps to balloon fetishists – some who love it when the balloons are popped (between breasts or thighs, etc) and those who absolutely do NOT WANT the balloon to pop, but merely to bulge.


a Dominant Male, often used in terms of an established Dominant/submissive relationship


Dominant Female who controls a man’s orgasms, both through denial/chastity training and repeated forced masturbation and orgasm


a term used to describe older women in the adult world. I’ve seen this used by some webmasters to describe any woman over the age of about 25, but in our listings we only put sites in that category that are over 40, or specifically refer to themselves as “mature”.


acronym/slang for “Mother I’d Like to Fuck”


A Dominant Female


a person who is attracted to all genders and all forms of sex

sadism, sadist

sexual arousal from infliction pain or humilation on another person


bottom/submissive; person who gives control over to a specific Dominant


name for a person who can take on both dominant and submissive roles, depending on their mood, the kink, and/or their partner


the Dominant person in a BDSM or D/s relationship who retains control and power over their bottom


catch-all term for people who express and/or consider themselves to be different from their birth-assigned gender; this includes transexuals, crossgender practicioners, transvestites, drag kinks & queens, and purposeful androgynous people


a person who dresses and acts as a member of the opposite sex


acronym for transexual and transvestite