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AC/DC dildo

a dildo with a head on each end, one large and one smaller

anal balloon pump

an inflatable toy for the asshole that can be pumped up to stretch once inserted, often used in personal masturbation and also by Mistresses training their sluts to be good asswhores

anal beads, anal balls, anal pearls

several names for a string of beads/balls that are inserted into the anus, one by one, and tugged at varying strengths and speeds to cause pleasurable sensations, especially during orgasm

ankle cuffs

bondage mechanisms specifically designed for the ankles, often made of leather; they can also be made of metal, wood, or fabric and can either be used as symbols, in conjunction with loose chains or a spreader bar, or to bind someone in place to a fixed object/wall


a bondage garmet that looks like one long sleeve; both arms are trapped inside and bound even more tightly using laces, straps, and buttons; arms are often bound behind the back and the binder is often used along with other restraints to prevent getting free

ball gag

a gag made of a ball and a strap that affixes around the back of the head

ball hood

an extreme restraint hood with no holes for eyes or ears and a pump mechanism that inflates pockets to eliminate any wiggle room and to render the hooded sub unable to see, hear, or speak

ben-wa balls

two balls of varying size and weight that are inserted into the vagina to stimulate excitement by knocking together and rotating around each other with movement

butterfly vibrator

a small vibrator attached to straps that hold it securly in place on a woman’s vibrator; the butterfly vibrator often comes with a remote for full control by the wearer… or someone else!


a sex toy used to stimulate, stretch, and fill the anus; the buttplug is different from a dildo in that it is designed specifically for fitting into and staying secure in an asshole


a thin, flexible tube designed to be inserted in the urethra for use in medical play

chastity belt

a device intended to restrict contact with or stimulation of the genitals; female chastity belts are usually a lockable harness that fits like a pair of underwear; male chastity belts usually include a locking enclosure that fits around the penis

clover clamp

a specific type of nipple clamp with a lever and cord that allows to pressure to be increased and decreased

cock ring

a toy that encircles the penis, used for both pain and pleasure stimulation; can include vibration, hot/cold temperature play, increasing pressure, and chastity mechanisms

dental dam

prophylactic used for oral sex on a woman


phallic shaped sex toy used to penetrate the vagina, ass, and mouth


toy that is placed over a penis to extend its length

friction booth

an electronic device that a person stands against or lays down on which passes a slight current through their body; another person then touches them, producing tingling sensations


used to hold a strap-on dildo in place around the hips; traditional animal harnesses are also used in animal play (ie. pony/dog training)

penis pump

suction pump that the penis is inserted into and then pumping to remove air from the chamber and thus stimulate (and enlarge) the penis

spreader bar

a rod/bar that is attached to both ankles, forcing the legs apart

TENS unit

electrical stimulis device originally intended for us by chiropractors for muscle work; used in electrical play by Tops on bottoms to cause involuntary muscle spasms

vault horse

bondage equipment used mostly for spanking play; a bottom/submissive is bent over the horse and tied or cuffed in place, leaving their ass, back, and thighs vulnerable for spanking and flogging


a sex toy that is operated by batteries or other power source that vibrates to cause pleasurable sensations; can be in any different shapes including phallic, eggs, butterfly, beads, or wands

violet wand

an electrical device that uses radio energy to create sparks; the intensity of spark can be modulated to range in intensity, from the sensation of static charge to jolting shocks