hey everyone! So, I here are a couple of photos from the other day’s entry, about that beautiful restaurant Elliott took me to. The one is the view I had during dinner – the strange glowing object in the middle is the outdoor heater. The other is one he snapped of me. See, I told you all smiles all day.


I miss going to the parties I used to go to in Seattle, but with the ages the girls are these days, all of my time is taken up with family things. This past weekend was the little bit of alone time we get for the rest of December, so you see why we were being selfish about our time.


Swamped today – I brought the dog into work again, but he’s not feeling well so I’m going to hurry to get everything done. Tonight is slated for Christmas shopping with the girls, and all of us having dinner with a friend.

I was told the other day by two different people that there was a problem with the submission form, and Jack has it fixed so I wanted to mention that. The two people who wrote (thank you both!) I added myself, but if you tried to submit a site and it didn’t work, try again. It should be bug-free. Also, another note for webmasters: if we had you reviewed before and you disappeared when the new design went live, PLEASE let me know via email so I can put you back in. Some listings fell through the cracks when we were doing this. Thanks in advance.

Ok, back to work. I have more book and sextoy reviews by Lippy Imp to put up, a few reviews to do, and so on. – Jane

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