Went to the post office the other day to get the mail, and I found in amidst the Christmas cards a letter from prison. I was pretty sure inmates didn’t get to look at porn on the internet, but in this case the person was writing to ask me to send “a copy of my guide”. Hrm. I wonder if he was looking for these guys, not me. Either way, it’s always slightly disconcering to get mail with an inmate number attached.

So Elliott and I have decided to spend New Year’s in Canada. We were going to just go skiing for a couple of days, but I lucked out and got us booked through the holiday. One of the coolest things will be doing the torchlight fondue thing. You go up to the top of the mountain restaurant, and they have a fondue dinner. Post dinner, you ski by torchlight back down the mountain. Elliott’s done it before, but I haven’t. Sounds wonderful.

Yesterday I got MOST of my christmas errands done. I’d love to tell you what I got Elliott, but he gets the RSS feed for this blog so I’d be ruining the surprise if I did. :( But the girls are getting a new computer. They’ve been using my very old flower-power iMac flower power that I got in 2000 or so. It’s still an ok computer, but some of the software they want to run is too much for it, and it’s CD burner is broken. My middle daughter wants to record her own mp3s (of herself singing) so with Garage Band on it, I think she’ll be able to do that. Now I just need to go find some sort of input microphone for her. Elliott plays guitar, so hey they could even collaborate! If they record anything, I’ll podcast it. :)

Anyhow, off to get some updating done. I’m still working on getting the regional guide recoded, the switchover to the new format is a neverending job, apparently.

Happy Holidays! –Jane

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