Ok, I ended up being compelled to update from here. We’re several hours into Canada, at a favorite ski resort and we just got back from the dinner/torchlight ski.

I wish I could describe the whole thing perfectly, it was so beautiful. Even just taking the lift up, the whir of the lift carrying us fast up the darkened mountain, the shadows of snow-covered trees on either side. Getting to the top, the lights and noise of a party brewing. Then the candlelit lodge with fondue pots awaiting each table.

We ended up sitting with a table full of people who had multiple work/friend/home connections to us. We sizzled beef, shrimp and chicken in hot fondue oil, then ended the dinner with buttery shortbread cookies and fruit dipped in hot chocolate fondue.

Then of course came skiing down in the dark. There were guides at front and back, each holding a burning torch, with lightsticks marking the path down the mountain. The snow was absolutely perfect, not what Elliott calls “Cascade concrete”, but rather the light, powdery snow of areas with a bit less humidity.

Something about skiing in the dark is just wonderful. Maybe it’s that without being able to see that much of the mountain, it’s easier to just let your body feel it as you go down.

We’re back now in our cozy hotel at the base of the lifts, and I’m waiting for Elliott as he goes to get a few things from the car. Good time to get in a quick update. I cannot wait for more skiing tomorrow. I have to admit, I was a little worried about the first run of this trip being in the dark, but now I’m feeling ready.


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