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still scrambling, but…

I had the nicest day the other day. I drove into Seattle for my normal weekly workout, and then met up with James for a long overdue catchup lunch. I haven’t seen him since Elliott and I were married almost a year ago. It was so nice just hanging out after all this time. It [...]

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ok, so it appears that I lied…

About getting anything posted while I was gone, that is. Yow! This is the first time in – well, years that I’ve taken a vacation without a laptop and it was perfect! The skiing was exceptional, my muscles are pleasantly tired but I’m getting in good enough shape that they aren’t in real pain even [...]

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Scrambling to play catchup…

augh! I’m so far behind. Tuesday morning, our dog Max went to the vet to have his leg looked at. It turned out he had a big growth of some kind, that they had to surgically remove. The poor thing had to come home with one of those big cones on his head, so he [...]

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why does it always rain on holidays?

The girls are all out of school today, and of course it had to be pouring rain. Oh, and can you believe Mt. Baker is closed for several DAYS because of avalanches? The rain for us has been snow for them, with 8 feet of snow in the past week. Honestly, at some point I [...]

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beauty day, eh?

I woke up this morning to actual SUNSHINE for the first time in days. Our home has lots of windows, and we sit at the crest of a hill with very few trees so generally we get lots of light. For the past several days though, it’s been beyond gloomy. Exactly the kind of weather [...]

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january 13th

Friday the 13th even, not that I’m superstitious about such things. I am sooo tired of rain! It’s yet another gloomy day here in gray Washington State. Elliott and I are starting to talk about a trip to somewhere sunny in the next couple of months. The girls will be with their dad on spring [...]

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January 12th

So remember when I was going on about wanting to paint again? I finally signed up for art class! I haven’t taken an art class since college, I’m totally excited. I start on Monday, just one day a week. I might add a second class, the one I signed up for is drawing and mixed [...]

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buzzy things

Normally I leave sextoy reviews to Lippy Imp and his girlfriend, but I’m about to strike out on my own for a comparison of watervibes. You see, I just burned out another WaterDancer after a couple of years, and I went over to Babeland to replace it. When I was there looking for it, I [...]

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Help Wanted

So.. we’re getting ready to relaunch the regional guide within the next month. What I am looking for is REGIONAL EDITORS. Are you active in sex positive community? Do you have a handle on what is going on in your area? If so, please drop me an email and let me know which area you’re [...]

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Monday, monday

I’ve been pondering the idea of doing a sort of weekly “column” that would be rather like my old journal, but topic-specific – the subject being coming out of the closet, but as mostly monogamous. Those longterm readers of mine know that my previous relationship with a polyamorous one, which eventually ended in a fiery [...]

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