waterdancerNormally I leave sextoy reviews to Lippy Imp and his girlfriend, but I’m about to strike out on my own for a comparison of watervibes. You see, I just burned out another WaterDancer after a couple of years, and I went over to Babeland to replace it. When I was there looking for it, I saw a couple of others that caught my eye – the Berman Athena vibe (it has interchangeable silicon tips!) and the Mermaid vibe.

I love the Waterdancers, which is why I’ve gone through one every year or two for the past several years. I tend to use it just as often out of the tub as in, since it’s basically a Pocket Rocket that can withstand water. It’s small enough to use during partner-sex, depending on position, and it’s not terribly loud (which is a factor, sadly, since there are often kids in the household)

So.. I just ordered those 3, and once I get them I’ll report back. I’m sure Elliott will be happy to co-test them with me. :)


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