I woke up this morning to actual SUNSHINE for the first time in days. Our home has lots of windows, and we sit at the crest of a hill with very few trees so generally we get lots of light. For the past several days though, it’s been beyond gloomy. Exactly the kind of weather Washington is known for, to be honest, but I can’t tell you how huge a difference it was to wake up this morning to sunlight streaming in the windows again. I’d forgotten what a huge difference it makes in my mood.

I’ve been sleeping way too much, I think I’m in hibernation mode because of the terrible weather. Yesterday, though, Elliott and I got our vacation plans figured out and booked for spring break. We’re going to Hedonism III in Jamaica’s Runaway Bay. Woo! I’ve never been to Jamaica, I can’t wait to go. We’re toying with the idea of trying to do some sort of JanesGuide meet-n-greet while we’re there, because we should be launching the new Regional Guide before then and it’d be fun to celebrate that. If anyone out there reading has ever been to any of the Hedonism resorts, would you shoot me an email and tell me what you thought of it? I’m curious as to what it’s really like. At any rate, the one thing we’re both looking forward to is scuba diving in Jamaica. That should be outstanding, I just really need to get an underwater housing for my camera before we go.

So last night, when I finally roused myself from my afternoon hibernation nap, Elliott and I went out to dinner. I’m trying to figure out how to accurately describe the weirdness of this restaurant we frequent. Not a very long drive from where we live, there is a little beachside town inhabited primarily by expatriate Canadians year-round, and mostly Canadian vacationers in the summer. In the summer the town booms with activity, during winter it’s a ghost town. It’s starting to change somewhat, as people realize how close it really is, and Americans move there to live year round, turning it into more of a bedroom community of Bellingham.

In this little town, there is a place with great sushi – sometimes. The menu is a mix of standard American burgers and french dips, a bunch of Italian pasta selections, and then sushi. They used to have some other Japanese dishes, but we discovered those missing from the new menu last night. The sushi isĀ  on the menu, but when you go you never know if you can actually get it since there is only one guy there who makes it. We think he’s the owner, but we’re not sure. Happily, although he was sitting in the corner of the restaurant last night with his sake, obviously done for the day, he was willing to get back up and make us dinner.

The restaurant ambience is weird at best. At first glance, it’s a beautiful place. On the water, mostly glowing golden wood, candles on the tables and beautifully backlit bar with glowing liquor of all kinds. Then there are the MegaTouch video games, neon beer signs, and bigscreen televisions that just turn the whole thing into a sports bar. It’s like they just can’t quite decide which direction to go. And lastly, the patrons. At any time of year, but especially during the off season, the regulars at this place are just off in some way. Last night was karaoke, and some of the regulars of that were there. It’s only the second time I’ve been there at karaoke night, but the exact same people were there: a couple of very uncomfortable looking bespectacled guys, who sit alone looking nervous until it’s their turn; a large woman who dresses up quite a bit, who sings primarily spirituals; a guy who looked as if he was trying for “Mr. T”, with his tank top and gold chains. The list goes on, you’ll see true 80s mega-mullet hairstyles, and those baggy pants like that rapper (can’t remember his name, he sang “Can’t Touch This”) made famous 15 years ago. At any rate, it’s quite an experience. We always feel when we go there as if we’ve wandered into Hotel California, and need to get out before we’re stuck in a timewarp forever. We have a friend who lives in that area, and he tells us that another place up the street is REALLY weird. Someday we’ll have to check that one out too…

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